Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sept. 30, 2010---Beautiful sunrise and calm water. Turned out to be a fine anchorage six miles up river from Old Shawnee Town, IL. First order of business was to sweep and wash May Flies off the boats. May flies! Isn't this the last day of September?

After separating the boats Carl Guthrie finished washing the top of his.

Quest is looking good!

Traveled 50 miles today in 5.4 hours. Turned starboard into the Golconda Marina at mile 902.5 and tied up on their B dock. The Quest arrived about an hour later and tied up behind Dream Manor. Looking from the dock, stairs can be seen that access the bridge over Lusk Creek. That is the walking route into the small town of Golconda.

Ricki and Maryann walked to town looking for a bit of history. Found a sign that said Sarah founded the Town of Golconda orignially called Sarahville. She established the first ferry across the Ohio at this location.

These figures honor the various armed forces.

Lewis and Clark were in this area the fall of 1803.

One of the many old structures in the town.

The ladies indicated there were a few stores, but hardly any were open.

This old saloon was probably a hot spot in its time.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I stayed at Galconda Marina (2007), the Sweetwater Saloon sent a car for us, we had dinner and shot a little pool. Freindy folks!