Saturday, July 31, 2010


July 31, 2010---On the north side of Cincinnati the town of Fairfield is home of Jungle Jim's international food store. This is the Weekend of Fire at their Oscar Event Center. It is a fiery food show where a large number of vendors display their hot sauce and all kinds of additives for enhancing the taste foods.

Jungle Jim's sundial happened to be close to where we parked.

Quite an area with set up to resemble a jungle.

Oscar Food Center is located on one end of the huge food store.

Carol is checking out the hot sauce.

Just one of the many vendors showing their wares. Mustards, horseradish, rubs, barbecue sauce, salsa & spicy brownies were available to sample.

Ginny Troyan on the left is
Demo Manager for Jungle Jim's International Market. At that table we found some crackers called Texas Firecrackers that were delicious. After some fun conversation we purchased seven containers to enjoy on the boat.

A large crowd of people sampling the many hot things that were available. There are some that require only a touch to the tongue. Hot! Hot! Hot! Seventy-five vendors displaying their products.

Twenty people signed up for the hot horseradish contest. It was called "The Arena of Fire". Each had a plate in front of them with 10 small sausages covered with good helpings of the hot stuff. No drinks allowed on the table. The idea is to clean up your plate. When the contest started a number of the folks quit on the first bite. It did not take long for first & second place winners to eat all of theirs. Third place was harder to come by as the remaining contestants were having a difficult time swallowing. Keith & I tried a bite of the horseradish after the contest. Keith ate his but my tongue said NO and I was not able to swallow my small sample.

Returning to the boat we made a point of driving down highway 4. Just before getting into the city limits of Cincinnati on the north side we drove into Wyoming. The town of Wyoming that is! It was fun for us because Keith, Carol & Allen were born & raised in Wyoming. The State of Wyoming that is!

Friday, July 30, 2010


July 30, 2010---Red sky just as sun was rising. (not our boat in the picture).

View of a church and various other structures on top of hill across the river from Bellevue.

Walking bridge from Newport Kentucky to Cincinnati Ohio. This is called the Purple People Bridge.

Yellow bridge is the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge I-471.

Now look who got caught at the Ice Cream parlor.

View taken from the walking bridge. Looking at Newport and Cincinnati HW Bridge (US 27) with skyline of Cincinnati.
There are 7 bridges across the Ohio River in about three miles including the walking bridge, a railroad bridge, and five highway bridges.


July 29, 2010---Downtown Cincinnati at Fifth & Vine is a very nice area called Fountain Square. The fountain was presented to the people of Cincinnati in 1871 as a memorial. It was repaired in 1971 and fully restored in 2000.

Look who's headed to the ice cream parlor!

Various sites around the square.

Pigs play an important part in the history of Cincinnati. In the late 1800's the city carried the nickname "Porcopolis" because of all the slaughter houses in this area.

Therefore pigs get a lot of recognition.

After the trip across the river to Cincinnati we returned to the Manhatten Harbour marina in Dayton, KY. Enjoyed an evening meal on site at the "Reef".

Thursday, July 29, 2010


July 28, 2010---Performed various tasks on the boat. Changed oil & filter in the 20 hp honda engine on the Little Dreamer. Paid bills on line. Yuk

Picures of Dayton, Kentucky mostly showing typical construction of the late 1800's.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July 27, 2010---Spent the day in Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. It is not practical to cover this wonderful museum in one day! Just the section titled Cincinnati History Museum takes most of the day. We will have to go back to see more during our stay in this area as the Natural History & Science section looks equally interesting.

Such detail in the model city of Cincinnati display. It looks real in these pictures. Miniature railways are in operation throughout the display.

Very good coverage of the role Cincinnatians played in World War II. Note the price of gasoline was 19 cents in 1943. Rationing took place all across the country.

Several tribes of Native Americans were in this area during early settlement.

Cincinnati was known as "The Instant City" because it grew so rapidly in the 1800's.

Enjoyed a good visit with Bill Hindman. He was in the machine shop to provide visitors with information. Lots of history about the machines developed in the area. He has also traveled the Ohio River many times on the Delta Queen steamship when it operated on the Ohio and Mississippi. He was a wealth of information.

Back at the Manhatten Harbour some of the local boaters gather on Tuesday evenings for a private visit because the marina is closed on Tuesdays. Enjoyed getting acquainted with these folks.

Video on left shows a gentleman operating an old printer, He is printing cards today.
The other video shows some of the miniature trains operating in the model city of Cincinnati.