Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sept. 13, 2010---Henderson Hall is located in Williamstown, West Virginia.

George W. Henderson built this mansion in 1836 before the Civil War.

It was home to five generations of Hendersons. George was active in the West Virginia statehood movement. He remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War. He was elected to serve in the re-organized Virginia legislature which ran West Virginia from 1861 to 1863. He voted for creation of the new state which was then approved by congress and President Lincoln.

Just some of the staircase in this 3 story mansion.

Large table setting with original pieces.

Bed and clothing in the girls bedroom.

Master bedroom. Nearly everthing in this house is original. The house has only been open to the public for three years. Artifacts are still being found in the building. Generations of savers makes this a very real portrayal of time past.

Library is full of old books. Writings show the Hendersons drilled one of the first oil wells in West Virginia in 1860. They operated one of the largest oilfields in the 1890's.

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