Friday, September 24, 2010


There is an old saying "Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning." Must be something to that, as contending with the wind today made yesterday seem like just a breeze. One of the readers commented that we got to learn to drive in the wind. Sure got nine hours of practice today.

Markland lock at mile 531.5 had the small chamber out of service doing repair work. Had to wait one hour for a tow to be brought up. Lock master wanted us close to cut in behind the tug to get in the lock quickly. Trying to save time. The strong wind was enough of a problem and then getting into the churning water behind the tug made it plenty difficult to transition into the lock chamber. After getting secure we still had to wait on two smaller boats coming down the river. Went down 35' to the next river level.

Glad to let the two smaller boats rush ahead.

Passed Turtle Creek Harbor marina at mile 529 where we had enjoyed a few days stay going up river.

Passed by Vevay, Indiana at mile 537.5 where the town name is painted on tall pilings.

Had planned to stay at Madison, IN. When we arrived the docking area was quite full. Attempted to dock, they quickly waved us off as all spaces were reserved. Managed to back away in the strong wind without getting into trouble. Found out later the annual Madison Chataqua Festival of Art was taking place this weekend. Must be a major event as we met about 20 boats that appeared to be headed that way. Most boats we have seen traveling on the river for quite some time.

Water was rough all day.

Arrived at Rivers Edge Marina at mile 584.6 and tied off on the end of the fuel dock. Near the community called Charlestown, IN.
Having traveled 78.6 miles in 9 hours we were ready to shut down.

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Don said...

Storms and wind is blowing thru St Louis right now. Temp dropped 20 degrees in a couple hours. You might want to hang out for a couple days and let things blow thru your area.

Travel safe McGhees!