Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Leaving Goose Pond the machine
was being used to break up the large lily pads.
 July 31, 2012---Windy today created rough water. Went 44.2 miles in 5.5 hours. Turned starboard at mile 334 and entered the channel to Ditto Landing. Looking at a highway map this marina is located about 12 miles south of Huntsville, AL.
No courtesy car available. Enjoyed dinner on the boat.

At mile 359 Guntersville is barely visible
off to the port side. Notice the water
is a little rough from wind action.

Only barge seen today. It appeared to be
turning toward Guntersville.

At mile 349.8 is a cave at water level.
This is a home of  the federally
endangered gray bat. At dusk thousands
of bats fly from the cave in search
of insects.

Black Vultures not far from the bat cave.

Entering Guntersville Lock at mile 349.
Gate was open and it did not take long
to tie off and get lowered 40 ft.

Painted Bluff is located at mile 345.
This is the abrupt end of  Merrill Mtn.
This 359 ft bluff gets its name from the
yellow and brown rock.

Quite a number of ducks make Ditto Landing
their home. They enjoyed a few crackers.

Sun setting at the well protected marina.

Another look at the ducks on the quiet water.

Ducks & Dream Manor

Monday, July 30, 2012


South Pittsburg Highway Bridge on Highway 156
between South Pittsburg, TN & New Hope, TN
at mile 418.5
July 30, 2012---Called Nickajack Lock & untied from the short T-dock. Went 1 mile to the lock. Gate was open upon arrival. Lock master commented how well he likes our fine boat as he lowered us 40 feet. After the lock it was downhill 47.3 easy miles on smooth water to Goose Pond Colony Marina at mile 378.2. Sounds familiar, oh yes, we were just here on July 19th. How time flies when having fun.
At mile 416.5 did not feel even a little
bump as Dream Manor passed over the
state line from Tennessee to Alabama.
Power line appears to be on the state line.

Just wanted to show how still the water
was today. See reflections on the glassy surface.

Flock of Anhinga along the grass line.


July 29, 2012--- Traveled 38 miles in 5 hrs to mile 425.5 at Shellmound campground. Located a mile above Nickajack Lock & Dam. Enroute crossed time zone line at mile 451.7 from eastern time zone back into central time zone. Half the time we don't know what time it really is!
Small creek in center of picture is site of Brown's Ferry
at mile 458.6, an importrant event in the Civil War. It is here
 on the Tennessee River that Union troops brought
 50 wooden boats from Chattanooga. The boats were tied
side by side across the river and then planks were laid over
 the boats to make a crossing to carry supplies.

Signal Mountain Cement Co
at mile 454.4

Marion County Memorial Highway Bridge under repair at mile 429.7 numbered 41/64/72/2

I-24 Bridge to Chattanooga

BB looking at I-24 Bridge after passing under it at mile 429.1

Osprey grew up while
McGees traveled

Shellmound park at mile 425.5

Dream Manor looked sharp
tied to the T-dock at Shellmound

Just another look!

Area marked off with a
floating boundry to identify
a swimming area. Carol & Allen got wet.

After a little swimming
it was time for grilled hamburgers.
Carol cooked them while Maryann
prepared the vegetables.

Carol said Allen may belong to the
"white foot" tribe.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Well said!
July 28, 2012---Another busy day. Drove over market St. Bridge to north shore of Tennessee River. Enjoyed breakfast buffet on the Delta Queen. Carol and Maryann began exploring the many craft shops on Frazier Street. Keith and Allen returned the Enterprise rental car and got a ride back to north shore. Checked out the shopping until after noon. Took a shuttle back over to downtown Chattanooga for lunch. Back to the boat for a restful afternoon. Napping has a high priority for some of the McGees. Watched Rescue load some man into the ambulance. The individual was partially sitting up and was moving around. No idea of his actual condition. For a short time the weather got rough. Dark black clouds built up quickly. Wind blew some hard gusts. It all passed and the evening was beautiful
Chief John Ross Drawbridge
commonly called Market Street Bridge

Took Market Street Bridge to North shore.
Interesting art on Frazier St.

Many shops on Frazier St
where most anything can be found.

Leg lamp as seen in the
Christmas Story movie.

Chattanooga Fire-Rescue passing by
the Dream Manor about 3:20 p.m.

Rescue boat docked behind the
Ambulance. A man was placed on a
stretcher and loaded in the Ambulance.

Just about 30 minutes after the
Ambulance departed, wind blew,
water got rough and rain pounded
down for 20 minutes.

Visibility deteriorated during the squall.

Rain Rain Rain

By evening wind stopped blowing.
Water calmed and sunset was

Friday, July 27, 2012


July 27, 2012---Added treat tonight. Fireworks display at AT&T Field
in Chattanooga, TN.  Fireworks were viewed from Dream Manor at
Ross's Landing after ballgame. Field lights were shut off so
viewing was great!


Car at base of Lookout Mtn preparing
to load passengers.
 July 27, 2012---
Known as “America’s Most Amazing Mile,” The Incline’s trolley-style cars climb through the natural beauty surrounding historic Lookout Mountain at a breathtaking 72.7% grade – straight up! The incline railway was opened November 16, 1895. It reaches a summit of 2100 ft above sea level and billed as one of the world's steepest passenger rails. Took far too many pictures to show here. Slide show can be seen on the right with many pictures of Point Park. Tennessee River and Chattanooga can be seen as it looks from the park. 

Starting the 1 mile trip up the Mtn
which at steepest climb is a
72.7 degree incline.

Keith & Maryann looking down the
steep incline.

Allen & Carol enjoying the ride.

Looking down the track it can barely
be seen. Trees along the sides of the
track nearly hide the rails.

On top the Mtn at Point Park a great
presentation was done by ranger
Lee White. He told of the Civil War
battles whereby the Union ultimately
took Chattanooga.

Wheel of cannon facing the Tennesse River.


 July 26, 2012---Very busy today. Made like tourists. Rode a shuttle to Chattanooga Choo Choo Station. It is an interesting old station that was saved for it's historical value. There is a great model railroad display that has taken 65,000 man hours to construct. A slide show on the right shows just some of the detail.
Chattanooga Choo Choo



Allen did not eat ice cream. Just thought about it.

Sample of the huge model railroad display
with many moving trains.

At 7:00 p.m. went to the Vaudeville Cafe
for a nice buffet and two hours of
interactive comedy.

At 10:00 p.m. went to hear bands at Rhythm &
Brews. Already late for older folks. Both bands
were hard rock and not the kind of music we enjoy.
Did not stay long. Back to the boat to recover from
hearing loss!