Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sept. 10, 2010---Knowing it would be another long travel day we got up at 6:00 a.m. planning to get an early start. Fog was so thick we could hardly see the length of the boat. Waited until 9:30 a.m. to start down the river. Fog was still lifting in front of us.

American Coal Sales Company at mile 110.8

Loading coal into the barge. There were many loaded barges tied along the bank waiting to be towed to the power plants when needed.

Ohio Power Company was the nearest plant located at mile 112.5 just downstream from the coal loading facility. There are lots of power plants located all along the Ohio River on both sides. This particular plant is actually on the West Virginia side.

A beautiful weeping willow tree near the water reflecting in the stillness.

Geese in the water. Hilly country with smoke from a power plant rising above the hills.

At mile 126.4 we waited at the Hannibal lock with 9 other smaller boats. All of the pleasure boats are headed to Marietta, Ohio.

Lock master requested everyone move out of the way for the tows to exit the lock chambers.

In the lock three of the boats were tied along the wall in front of us. Others were tied to floating mooring bits where they could.

After lowering us 18' we exited the lock.

These 2 young men were behind us in the lock. They were in the last lock with us yesterday & spent last night at the city dock in Moundsville tied up in front of us. Enjoyed meeting Dale & Andy.

Neat cars painted on the side of this building in Newport, Ohio at mile 156.

Passed Steve Steel in his 50' Gibson. We traveled together and went through Willow Island lock at mile 161.7 with a 20' drop. Continued on to Marietta, Ohio. He had reservations at a marina. We will look for a place to anchor.

About 3 miles from Marietta a chopper was towing a beautiful American Flag. It is always heart warming to see the Flag proudly displayed.

It was about 7:00 p.m. when we arrived in Marietta at mile 172. Boats are in the evening shadows but you can see there are a number of them along the bank and out in the water.

The opening ceremony for the 35th annual Sternwheel Festival was taking place.

Again we caught up with LST 325. Having left Pittsburgh this was a planned stop for them to have the ship on dispaly during the festival before returning to Evensville, IN. We turned port and went behind Marietta Island out of the main channel and found a place to anchor. We are probably anchored in West Virginia as we are closer to Williamston which is directly across from Marietta. We are just past the Williamstown-Marietta Bridge and still in sight of Marietta. Took the dinghy down and went to the festival. Listened to the music and ate at the various venders along the street. The festival continues thru Sunday. We plan to stay until Tuesday or Wednesday. Need another break after traveling 70.2 miles in 9.2 hours and two locks.


Anonymous said...

I'm always happy to help fellow boaters, and positively enjoyed your company while you were on the Beaver! Can't wait to see photos of the Sternwheeler Fest!

Miss Nauti, aka Carol

Dale said...

It was a pleasure meeting you guys. We enjoyed chatting with you. Wish we had got the chance to hang out a little more. And thanks for the much needed morning coffee. Meeting nice people makes the trip that much better. I'm jealous that you're still on the river and we're at home back to work.... ugh. I'm investigating The Tennessee as a possibility for next year. Maybe I'll run into you again. Stranger things have happened. My fiance (at the time) and I were traveling in Egypt and met a fellow American and spent the evening with him having a few drinks. We kept in occasional contact with him via email. A couple years later we went to Peru for our honeymoon. We made arrangements to visit the Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca. We got on the boat to the islands, sat down in the first available seat looked over and saw our friend from Egypt! What are the chances???

Anyways, what river(s) are you planning on traveling next year? Good luck to Carol with her doctors appointment.
Is this the book you guys had?

The one with the "I don't give a mouse's burro" shirt ;)

McGees Adventures said...

Yes that is the correct book.
Planning the upper Mississippi next year. Send me an e-mail to: so I will have your address.

Thanks for your comments.