Friday, September 10, 2010


Left Jeffries Landing at 7:45 a.m. Went down the Beaver River past the town of Bridgewater, PA.

Waved at Ken and Carol Dean. Thanks again for their hospitality during our stay in this area. Just a short distance past their boat slip we turned into the Ohio River. An interesting note about the junction of the Beaver River and Ohio River. This is the farthest north point on the Ohio. From here going down river we gradually get farther south.

In the Montgomery lock at mile 31.7 Keith is tending the line to keep the Dream Manor secure in the lock. Notice the line running along the top of the lock. There are no floating mooring bits in this lock. The person has to pull or let line out as needed. Let us down 17' to the lower pool.

Pennsylvania Power Company at mile 34.

Just below the power plant is Midland-Shippingport Highway Bridge on State highway 168. The bridge nearly fades into the clouds above the tug because of the covering. I said "you know this is a cold area when they have to enclose the bridges to keep them warm". Actually there is some major repair work taking place and the cover protects the personnel as well as water traffic passing underneath.

This may not look very important. It is only a reference because there were no road signs to let boaters know about this spot. This is mile 40 where we crossed the Pennsylvania state line. The middle of the river divides Ohio and West Virginia. This means at the exact point in the river we were in all three states at the same time!

Ohio Edison Company plant is located just above New Cumberland lock at mile 53.8

There is an interesting feature about this plant. Highway 7 runs underneath the plant along the water behind the wall as seen above. In the picture on the left lights can be seen that light the tunnel thru the plant. The plant is located near Stratton, Ohio.

Second lock of the day at mile 54.3 was New Cumberland that lowered us 21'. Notice the clouds. The entire day was mostly overcast but no rain.

Stopped for lunch at Pier 12 restaurant at mile 74.5

Spoke briefly with a worker on one of the tugs. He said there is a connection here where they take on fresh city water for the tugs from the city of Wellsburg, West Virginia.

Pier 12 can be seen on the roof of the restaurant as we pulled away from the dock.

Went thru 3rd lock of the day (Pike Island) at mile 84.2 with 18' down and continued to our next stop at Wheeling, West Virginia. Wheeling has a wooden dock located along a concrete wall at mile 90.5. Walked a few blocks in town and found the information center. Learned a little about the local history.

Carol, Keith and Maryann

Dream Manor with bridge in background that crosses over to Wheeling Island.

The word "Wheeling" is the Indian name for "head".

Some blue sky began to show as we left Wheeling. What a day! Traveled 76.5 miles in 8.3 engine hours. But with 3 locks and 2 other stops it took 10 1/2 hours to reach Moundsville, WV. Tied up at the same city dock where we had spent the night on our way up the river.

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