Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Nov. 19-22, 2011---Keith and I made a trip to Demopolis. Drove my new Mustang. What a fine ride! Had the top down most of the time just enjoying the warm fall days. Someone suggested second childhood. Of course we denied the charge.

Bought the California Special GT on Thursday and went to Demopolis on Saturday.

Installed new anchor to replace one we had to cut loose. Foggy before moving the boat to a covered slip for the winter.

Dream Manor looked happy in the new location next to the main walkway.

Closed all the sea cocks. Put two oil heaters in service in the cabin. Shut off pump and drained fresh water lines. Removed King Dome TV tracker to take in for repairs. It makes an undesirable growling noise. May have a bearing problem. Took it with us and returned to Youngsville, LA on Tuesday. Will start adventures on the boat in the Spring.


Nov. 16, 2011---Took a drive to a marina near Gueydan, LA. The Mermentaus River Marina is located just off the river by the same name. Had limited possibilites as there was no dock available. Would be required to build a dock and then remove it whenever we left with the boat. Water was shallow near the banks and green growth covered the area that would have been available for dockage. Not what we look for in a marina! Picture shows water can be seen in the narrow channel looking past the vegetation covering the available area.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Nov. 4, 2011--- Yesterday we accomplished an important task! Pumped out the black water holding tank. It is great that a connection is available on each slip in the new marina.
Today is the 4th day of November already. Drove home to Youngsville, Louisiana. Dream manor will remain in Demopolis for some period of time. Will restart blog entries when boat travels resume.

Not far out of Demopolis we discovered some Alabama art near the hiway. We called it "Chicken in a Tree"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Nov. 1, 2011---Came to realize the correct name for this new marina in Demopolis, Alabama is: Kingfisher Bay Marina. Still in development it is already a very nice marina. Performed some maintenance today. Added enzyme treatment to the fuel tanks. Changed out Separ secondary fuel filter on the starboard engine. Changed oil and filter on the 13 KW generator.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Nov. 1, 2011---Used shop vac to pull diesel through the fuel line from the tank on the port engine. Connected the fuel line and primed the engine. Engine ran a short time and quit again. Found fuel leaking from a seal on the sediment bowl which means it was likely allowing air into the fuel line. Reinstalled the sediment bowel and stopped the leak. Engine runs okay now. Made a trip to Walmart for a few supplies. Captain Tom from "The Thomas B" went with us. Enjoyed visiting with him. Moved our boat from the old marina behind the fuel dock to the new part of the marina.

Looking at the entrance to the new part of the marina. New wash room and showers are nicely done. Slips are laid out well and various sizes are available up to 70'. This is a wonderful improvement for Demopolis. Fred (Marina Manager) has done a great job in getting this project useable and should be very proud. Some additional work is ongoing.