Monday, August 31, 2009


Aug. 31, 2009---Busy river today with various tows going up and downstream.

Maryann located the sign that explains the work of art is named: "Ghost Ballet"

Took Tom & Crystal to see the Gaylord Opryland Resort.
Information below is from the internet:

Located adjacent to the Grand Ole Opry the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn., spans over 40 acres of running streams, cascading waterfalls, pedestrian bridges and 12 greenhouses. The hotel is adjacent to the General Jackson Showboat and across the street from the Opry Mills Mall.

This hotel features 2,881 guestrooms with southern-style decor and marble vanities. Gaylord Opryland Hotel is America's largest non-casino resort.

Tom is associating with a couple of interesting characters!

Tom & Crystal really enjoyed the spectacular plant life in the various gardens.

Large catfish were swimming around what is called the island.

The Aquarium restaurant is located in the Opry Mills Mall.
It is a fine place to dine. The fish are fun to watch. The waitress said the main aquarium holds 200,000 gallons of water. It is treated with salt from the Red Sea. It takes 7 tons each month to keep the salinity correct.

After lunch we returned to the boat so Tom & Crystal could pack. I drove them back to Green Turtle Bay where we were a few days ago so they could get their car and start toward home. By the time I got back to Nashville they had checked into a motel in Union City, TN. The drive to Youngsville, LA won't be quite so long for them tomorrow.
We sure enjoyed their company!
The drive from Green Turtle Bay in Grand Rivers, KY to Nashville, TN is a 2 hour drive covering 117 miles. Lots of curves on the Cumberland River made 160 boat miles and took us nearly 20 hours! Sure was a lot more relaxing on the boat.

Crystal really liked the waterfall in the Gaylord Hotel. See the short video below. Turn up your sound to hear the waterfall.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Aug. 30, 2009---Today Maryann, Crystal, Tom & I walked over the Cumberland River on the Shelby St. Bridge and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

It is a nice museum with lots of history about the singers. We all enjoyed the time spent there.

These are just samples of the things on display.

There is a walk of stars across the street from the museum.

General Jackson passed by our boat three times today hauling people on sight seeing cruises.


Aug. 29, 2009---As we left Rock Harbor Marina at mile 175.3 the water was very still in the protected embayment.

Traveling on the Cumberland River the cloudy day created a grey haze.

Nashville's city skyline was rather vauge.

Getting closer in the city AT&T's building is very interesting. It is easy to see why it is known as the "Batman Building".

The home of the Titans is seen on the east bank. LP Field is an open stadium with a capacity of about 68,000.

We tied up just past the stadium nearly under the Shelby Street walking bridge at mile 191. This was our short day as the distance traveled was only 15.7 miles. It was 9:00 a.m. which gave us most of the day to explore downtown Nashville by the river.

This large structure is some kind of art. We thought it looked like a roller coaster ride where the track had separated! Little do we know about modern art.

On the Shelby St. bridge Maryann & Crystal posed with the city in the background.

There are several street photos taken from the Shelby bridge. Numerous tents were set up for the Barbeque Festival that was taking place all along the riverfront.

The large white colored barge tied up along a concrete wall at the foot of a grassy slope is the bandstand.

Charlie Daniels Museum is clearly seen with a large guitar painted on the side of the building. Tom, Crystal & I went to the museum later in the day.

Broadway Street looks like a step back in time with the large modern building in the background.

After lunch Crystal was seen in various spots.

Keith took time for a "small" ice cream at Mike's Icecream Parlor.

Tom was sure not very excited about the Smart cars on display. Notice the license plate. It was meant to be!

These Smart cars may soon be replaced by the original form of transportation seen on the left.

Some views of the boat from Shelby Street Bridge. The bandstand can be seen across the river.

After plenty of walking we made our way back to the boat for a little rest before going to the Grand Ole Opry.

Clay Walker was one of the featured singers.

We all really enjoyed the show.

The video below shows the colorful lights reflecting in the water and the very well lighted Shelby St. bridge. Music from the band could be heard from our position on the "Dream Manor".