Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sept. 26, 2010---Looked like fish scales in the sky as we raised anchor at West Point, Kentucky.

Got an early start as we planned to make some miles today.

Sun was shining brightly on this spot creating neat colors.

Since there were no signs to indicate crossing the time zone from Eastern to Central. I am sure it took place in line with the tree that has the straight, bare trunk! That is mile 681.3 on the Ohio River. Time line actually follows the river for the next 8 miles. Fully across the line at mile 689.3.

Someone has quite a view from this house perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the river.

Definitly had a big travel day. Covered 127 river miles from West Point, Kentucky to Owensboro, Kentucky at mile 757. Started to feel like an endurance contest. Also had one lock, "Cannelton" at 720.7 miles. Let down 26'. Total 11.6 engine hours. Good thing there was an extra hour of daylight as a result of the time change. Also got more practice docking in the wind.

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Don said...

Hi McGhees!

How's your fuel consumption traveling downstream and how does it compare to heading up river?

Just curios. Travel safe!