Thursday, June 28, 2012


June 27, 2012---Late afternoon temperature at Kingfisher Bay Marina near 100 degrees. A recently constructed swiming pool for boaters just opened. 4 McGees enjoyed the warm water which gets its heat from the atmosphere. Pool depth is mostly three feet with the deepest at four feet. There is a ramp that allows pool entry without using any steps. Really nice for anyone with knee problems or anything else that causes discomfort in using steps. Change building with showers is being framed and should be ready to use in a short time. This shallow pool is a very nice addition for the marina. Notice Carol is not in the pictures. She chose to be the photographer.


June 25th Carol and Allen joined Keith and Maryann on the Dream Manor in Demopolis, Alabama.
The "4 McGees" are now preparing to travel the Tom-Big-Bee and spend some time on the Tennessee River.

June 26th Maryann and Carol toured Gaineswood. This National Historic landmark is located in Demopolis, AL. The remarkable structure features Greek Revival. Owner-architect Nathan Bryan Whitfield constructed the mansion between 1843 and 1861.

Monday, June 4, 2012


June 3, 2012---Took a drive to Tuscaloosa for lunch. About eight miles north of Demopolis is a land owner with an obvious great sense of humor. These pictures reveal the imagination that has gone into creation of various characters.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


May 27, 2012---Fred and Kim Hansard, with a very helpful staff, prepared a fine meal for the boaters. Some of the boaters contributed their favorite dish. Buffet style setting above the boaters lounge was enjoyed by about 40 folks who were on their boats for Memorial Holiday weekend. Great hamburgers with all the trimmings, chips, salad, and a variety of other things made a nice spread. Homemade chocolate and peach ice cream really topped it off!

Notice Fred is standing quietly while Kim is moving so rapidly she appears lightly blurred in the picture. Fred says she does all the work waiting on the guests.

Maryann and Dave look on as Keith devours several helpings of home made peach ice cream.

Keith has his eyes closed as he truly enjoys the pleasure of ice cream.

Buffet was enjoyed by all.

Kim Hansard on the right is dishing up the delicious ice cream.
Her daughter (India Hall) Looks on while holding a Dream Manor boat card.

India and her husband Danial did a fine job of cooking the burgers.

As sun sets the guests are relaxing after the great feed.

Chairs on top the boating lounge became vacant as everyone said there goodbyes and returned to their boats.  It was a pleasant evening and a wonderful opportunity for boaters to get better acquainted.