Sunday, December 27, 2009


Dec. 25, 2009--- Keith and Maryann are living on the "Dream Manor" in Columbus, Mississippi. They have spent many hours decorating the boat. These pictures show thier efforts. Well done!

Monday, December 21, 2009


December 15, 2009

As Keith & Maryann were still in Gillette, they decided to have an “early Christmas” this year. Since it was a school and work night for the younger folk, we packed in as many things as possible before Max’s bedtime. We brought Mom over, and everyone enjoyed one of Todd’s famous gourmet dinners. After dinner came present-opening, picture-taking, and Cribbage-playing. A great time was had by all! Keith & Maryann leave tomorrow to begin the long drive back to Dream Manor.


December 12 – 14, 2009

On Saturday, December 12th, Keith, Maryann, Todd and Stephanie took an NRA introductory pistol class in Gillette. The class was very benificial – it included both classroom work and shooting practice at the outdoor range. Everyone learned new things. Taking the class qualified them to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Max and Grandma Beth spent a fun day together while the shooters were at class. Cold and snow persisted.


December 11, 2009

Today is Mom’s (AKA Grandma Beth’s) 85th birthday. We celebrated by taking a carrot cake over to Aunt Velma’s home in Gillette. (Aunt Velma is Mom’s 92 year old sister.) Stephanie and Todd joined us for the blowing out of the candles. They went to a housewarming party afterward, while Keith, Maryann, Max, Velma & Mom played several games of Rummikub. Keith and Velma took turns winning; no mercy was shown to the “Birthday Girl.”


November 25 – December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving at Maryann’s parent’s home was amazing! There were 15 people around the table, ranging in age from 11 months (Jimmie’s granddaughter, Zoie) to 89 years (Maryann’s dad, Gorvan). Jimmie Sue made most of the meal herself with additions by Mom and Maryann. The food and fellowship were wonderful – Jimmie lead us in sincere prayers of gratitude for God’s allowing us to be together as a family. Of course the meal was followed by card-playing and catching-up with each other’s lives. Precious little Zoie was the star of the gathering.

The days after Thanksgiving were spent “enjoying” the snow and cold and shopping in nearby Billings. Maryann worshipped with a small Lutheran congregation in Laurel on Sunday; folks were very welcoming. Several days were spent in target-practice, as Keith and Maryann got more familiar with their new pistols. Todd and Skip, Maryann’s brother, added their expertise and advice. While there, Stephanie interviewed Grandpa Gorvan for a college paper on gun control.

Stephanie and her family drove back to Gillette on Saturday, November 28th. Keith and Maryann remained in Laurel until the next Wednesday, December 2nd. It was hard leaving Maryann’s mom and dad. We are all hopeful that Gorvan will be having a back procedure soon that will decrease his pain and increase his mobility and quality of life. (Even on heavy-duty pain meds, he still plays a mean game of Cribbage!)


November 24, 2009

Keith & Maryann left Dream Manor in Columbus, MS, on 11/18 and arrived in Gillette, WY, the evening of 11/20. They spent a few days there enjoying the company of family and friends. They picked up 9 year old Grandson Max from school early in the afternoon of November 24th and drove to Laurel, MT. Daughter Stephanie and her boyfriend, Todd, drove up later after work. Maryann’s sister and her husband brought over homemade pizza, and Mom made a cheesecake to help Gorvan, Maryann’s dad, celebrate his 89th birthday. It was wonderful seeing the LeDucs again and getting more Cribbage lessons!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Nov. 16, 2009---Had to get up early to drive to the airport located south of San Fransico. It is 110 miles from Santa Rosa with lots of traffic. Fog kept traffic slowed down until some clearing took place.

Many thanks to Tabor and Marlys for a wonderful time in northern California. A lot was done in a short period of time. Allen and Carol are very grateful for the adventure. Last thing Tabor said when they dropped us off is "what are we going to do without you?"

The trip back to Louisiana on American Airlines was uneventful and with just one layover Allen & Carol arrived home at 6:30 PM.


Nov. 15, 2009---Made another trip to El Dorado for church. Returning to Santa Rosa was most enjoyable as we traveled through wine country and viewed many fields with rugged mountains as a backdrop.

Later in the evening we joined John and Kevin with their wives at an Italian restaurant called Risirisi. These are the two men who made a hunting trip with Tabor on the Rule Ranch in Wyoming this past October. They certainly enjoyed time on the ranch and the hunt was very successful as each of them got antelope and deer with nice racks of horns.


Nov. 14, 2009---Spent the day sorting pictures on Tabor's computer. Downloaded all the cameras. Went to dinner at Cattlemen's in Petaluma. Grandaughter of Tabor and Marlys works there. Arrangements were made for her to wait our table as we also had her brother with us. It was fun to meet the kids and the meal was great.


Nov. 13, 2009---Tabor took Allen on a bird hunt at Quail Point Hunt Club.

When positioned near the assigned fields, birds were brought out in a jeep and planted in the grass. Quail and Pheasant were the birds of choice.

After waiting for the birds to settle the dogs were unloaded and exercised. After a while it was time for the dogs to get to work.

Walking the field it became obvious the dogs were well trained.Tabor commanded his black lab to "find the birds" and that is exactly what the dog did. As the birds were flushed from the grass an opportunity to shoot was short.
Tabor certainly showed he had done this many times before.

Doc and Tabor on the tailgate. Surely some laughter took place when it was mentioned how slow Allen was to get ready to shoot!

Everyone had a good time.


Nov. 12, 2009---Took a few pictures of Tabor's backyard. Nice when it is the golf course being maintained daily.

Drove to San Francisco to visit the Museum of Natural History.
Carol enjoyed the little giraffe.

There are several excellent displays of African wildlife.

In the area designated as "rain forest" there were birds and butterflys.

Aquarium had plenty of fish.

The only alligator was albino. Yes it is alive!


Nov. 11, 2009---Drove to San Francisco. The Veterans Day traffic was incredible! Drove around in the Golden Gate park and chose to return to Santa Rosa.

Mt. Tamalpais on the right took on more meaning after climbing to the top yesterday.

Tabor and Allen slipped away to the airport in Petaluma. It did not take long to pre-flight and get in the air. It was a calm day and just fun to fly around the local areas.

Home of Tabor and Marlys can be seen in the picture on the left. It is the house with a brown roof to the right of the pond and nearly hidden by the single yellow tree,

After leveling out at cruising altitude of 3000 feet Tabor turned the controls over to Allen. What a thrill as it has been 13 years since Allen had an opportunity to fly. Allen sold his Cherokee 235 in 1996.

Of course Tabor took over controls for the landing!

It was really great to fly the plane! It is a terrific performer with the 300 HP engine.