Friday, October 31, 2008


10/31/08---“Halloween”---The concern about spooks & witches did not discourage us from making some more miles up the Tennessee River. Fueled up and did a pump out before we left. Of course we had to eat the finest cinnamon rolls available anywhere. It is the marina’s tradition to prepare those delicious rolls each morning for the boaters. Don’t miss out! Left Pebble Isle at 9:45 at mile 96 and traveled along enjoying the sunshine. We passed the sailboat that had been tied up by us overnight. It was easy traveling today. We slowed down several times to avoid upsetting the fishermen in their small boats. There were several tows moving their various loads up and down the river. Saw several large homes perched on the cliffs overlooking the river.
Arrival at the Clifton Marina was at 4:30 p.m. It is a small marina just off the main channel. It took a little doing to get positioned behind the fuel dock next to the store but the challenge was worth it. The folks were great and helped us get parked. The stern stuck out past the end of the slip. Several local boaters were curious and came aboard to see our boat. Of course we are always delighted to show the Dream Manor. Brother was especially excited because they have good internet service here and his phone works well.
Another treat was the excellent meal we had at a new place called Meo Mia’s Cajun Spirits. Co-owner Kathy came to the marina and picked us up. It is about 6 miles to the restaurant located just across the river from Clifton in Decatur County. She & husband, David, are developing the business as a destination restaurant. Presently open Thursday thru Sunday. Since it is Halloween the entire staff was well dressed for the occasion. After a good visit Kathy returned us to our boat. I am sure the evening was to be active later as they were going to have a band playing. The trick was we older folks with limited stamina needed to be near our sleeping quarters. Be sure to have the marina help you to contact Kathy when you need a good place to go.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


10/30/08---Lots of sun shine and no wind. Temperature in high 60's made the day in the marina quite pleasant. Maryann made her morning walk and took a few pictures. The co-captains showed little sign of life. However the replacement Sony player for the stern arrived from Gibson. We got it installed and the old one will be returned for warrenty. Spent some time viewing videos that were taken by Ron and Teana Norcutt. They were kind enough to lend us there home movies of their trip down the Tenn-Tom and through Mobile Bay on the "driftwood". That information will prove to be useful as we continue our venture. Another good source of data came from Steve Edmonds. He owns the "Colorado Cat" and has made several trips down the Tenn-tom.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


10/29/08---Left Green Turtle Bay at 7:30 a.m. Went through the adjoining canal and into the Tennesse River at 8:00 a.m. The sun shine caused the water to sparkle on Kentucky Lake as we headed south. The rolling hills along the waterway appear dressed in their best as the trees are really starting to show fall colors. The view is breathtaking. A very pleasant ride up the Tennesse River, yes up river, as the river flows north to the Ohio.

There were several large flocks of White Pelicans along the way. Some kind of black ducks were so plentiful in one area it looked like a long, narrow, black, island. A blue heron helped mark the way as it was well positioned on a green can. Several small boats along the river were waving diver down flags. Apparently they are exploring under water structures that have long since been covered by the man made lake. Kentucky Lake is 184 miles long controlled by the Kentucky Lock on the north end and the Pickwick Landing Lock on the south end.

We passed a bridge to no where standing in the water. Has Palin been here or is that an old railroad bridge that has been partially torn down? Arrived at Pebble Isle Marina at 2:30 p.m. The blog master did a little writing as we traveled. Covered 71 miles today in 7 hrs. Avg 10 MPH. A late lunch at the local restuarant was completed with a large cookie covered with a small amount of ice cream!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


10/28/08---Made preparations today. Plan to depart in the morning. Grand Rivers is located on land between the lakes. We will travel from the Cumberland River to the Tennessee River through a connecting canal leaving Green Turtle Bay and the town behind.
A few marina pictures showing some of the fine boats. Golf Carts are a common mode of transportaion.

Monday, October 27, 2008


10/27/08---Burrrrr, the temperature dropped and the urge to move south is beginning to get strong. We drove to Paducah to get groceries. The plan is to leave Keith's vehicle in Grand Rivers and return to get it at a later date. That way Maryann will remain on the boat to serve as deck hand, galley chief, housekeeper etc! It is supposed to be quite windy tomorrow, therefore it may be Wednesday or later before we migrate. The Canadian geese that have been here for the past few days already left. Smart birds they are! We did take a little time in Paducah to look at the river front. The large mural really depicts the history of the town. There was another plus to the excursion as we saw the Delta Queen built in 1926. It is the last of the steam driven paddle boats on the big rivers. She is the only origianal steam powered ship in service. There are others used as pleasure boats that are diesel driven, but not steam. Unless there is a lot of support to keep the ship going, she is on her last run. There were quite a few people braving the cool, windy weather for a final look. This part of town is blessed with many fine old buildings. It is also the home of The National Quilt Museum.


10/26/08---The travelers returned from Memphis. Keith & Maryann arrived about 3:00 p.m. Smiles indicated they had a good time, but comments indicated they were sure glad to get back "home" to the Dream Manor. Maryann said the convention was excellent and gave her more ideas how to get the message across to people on the importance of taking Juice Plus. It is a vital supplement to good health. Keith said they really enjoyed an evening on Beale Street. The food was wonderful and music very entertaining.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


10/25/08---Here are a couple of pictures that were taken by George Hill's wife when we passed them last week on the Mississippi. The Dream Manor looks great. It reminded me that a little cleaning needed to be done, so I managed to break away from movies long enough to wash down the top side. Even though the weather is getting cooler the spiders mange to make their usual mess.


10/24/08---With the boat nestled in a slip that has a full roof overhead there is no view of the southern sky for the receiver to find a satellite. This means there is "no TV". It makes one realize how much time is spent watching the screen. May not be missing too much as the politics had been looking like re-runs. The market crash nearly causes tears and is certainly no fun to watch! There is a selection of movies on DVD aboard the vessel. I have been well entertained and just getting lazy.

The picture that shows three of us on the boat was taken before Keith and Maryann left for Memphis. I expect they are having a good time. Notice there is a space for the 4th mcgee. Carol is home in Youngsville, LA preparing for Halloween. She loves to decorate as can be seen by the pictures of the blown up characters in the yard and the other things in front of the house. I sure miss her.

Friday, October 24, 2008


10/23/08---Since Keith and Maryann are in Memphis I spent some time just looking around the marina. Someone has certainly made an effort to welcome visitors with the fall colors. Halloween must be coming as pumkins are on display. The sky was overcast and it rained all afternoon and into the night. Standing near the Dockers Grill and looking down a boat ramp that leads out toward Barkley lake our boat can just be seen in a slip on the right. Feeling brave I had charged up Keith's 12 volt scooter. We have been carrying it all this time and seldom does it get used. There is always the question of "will the battery go dead before getting back?" Anyway, I road the short distance across the little town of Grand River and looked at Kentucky Lake where the white lighthouse is located and the marina that hosts only sail boats. I did not have to push much as the battery nearly lasted and I got back to the boat before the rain increased.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


10/22/08---Keith & Maryann left this morning about 9:30 a.m. on a road trip to Memphis. Maryann is attending the NSA Fall Leadership Conference for Juice Plus+ distributors.

I (Allen) have spent a very quiet day on the boat.


10/21/08---After such a busy few days it felt good to do practically nothing. R&R was certainly in order. Keith did some computer work and then we played cribbage while Maryann washed clothes. He was doing well until I blew him out with a perfect hand. I had never seen a hand with 3 - 5's & a jack and then turn the 5 on deck that matched the suite of the jack in my hand! It will likely never happen again but it sure was fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008


10/20/08---There was a flurry of activity as our guests packed their belongings and prepared to leave. Keith has a rental car on the way for 9:00 a.m. & will drive to St. Charles. Last minute pictures were taken and I bid the folks goodbye. They thanked us graciously and Dorothy commented that she really enjoyed the geography lesson. Skip, Dorothy and Gorvan will continue on their cross country trip to California before returning to Montana. Maryann will bring her vehicle back from Woodland and meet Keith in Paducah, Ky where he will return the rental Vehicle. They will then finish the day in their car returning to the marina. It was a rather long day as Keith & Maryann just arrived at 9:00 p.m.


10/19/08---It seems like our schedule is very much the same each morning as we hoisted anchor and departed at 7:45 a.m. In just a few minutes we turned into the Cumberland River. We are now in the state of Kentucky. The fog had not all lifted and looked a bit eerie as we moved along slowly. This is a much narrower river with lots of turns. We chose to run at 8 MPH , 1750 RPM after the fog lifted. This provided a very pleasant ride with plenty of time to enjoy the clear sky and wonderful scenery. The trees are beginning to show the fall colors. The Barkley Lock looked awesome as we approached. The lock master on the radio said to continue ahead and he would have the gate open. The chamber looked huge as we slowly entered. When the gate closed behind we were lifted 57’. It was the highest, fastest and smoothest lift that we had experienced. When the gates in front opened, Lake Barkley was a wonderful site. In about a mile we turned into Green Turtle Bay. It was noon as the 31 mile trip had been like slow motion. It was nice to relax and really enjoy the ride. Our guests seemed excited. This marina is very large and accommodations looked great. We tied up for fuel and a pump out. A call to some friends who are on their boat visiting in St. Charles proved successful. They have a slip under lease here and allowed we could use it. Shore power and water are always a plus. Many thanks go out to Mike & Cathi Vessel for allowing us the use of their slip. Settled in, it was time to partake of the 2” pork chop at Patti’srestaurant in Grand Rivers, KY. A phone call and they sent a driver to pick us up at the marina. A short drive of 1 ½ miles put us at the restaurant. We had heard about the fine eating and sure enough those pork chops were good.