Friday, October 1, 2010


Oct. 1, 2010---Sunrise caused a glow on the stairs leading up to the bridge that crosses over Lusk Creek. Made way down the Ohio to Smithland Lock at mile 918.5 with a 22' lift down. This is our last lock on the Ohio. There are 18 locks to this point and 2 more downstream before the Ohio reaches the Mississippi River. We came up through those locks in 2008 so we have now been through all 20 locks on the Ohio.

At mile 923.8 turned to port into the Cumberland River. There was a tow pushed against the point and we had to pass around behind the tug to get started up the Cumberland.

Several places along the bank tree roots are very much exposed. Many of those trees will probably be washed loose during high water next spring.

There are several rock operations along the banks of the river. Passed several barges loaded with course rock.

This barge is being loaded by use of a dump truck.

Traveled 30.6 miles up the Cumberland to the Barkley Lock. This lock raised 57 feet to the level of the lake above the dam. Lake Barkley is a wonderful lake that extends 118 miles. Just past the lock is the turn to port into Green Turtle Bay Marina. Trip today covered 54.7 miles in 6.6 hours.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to have met the 4 of you! We'll be at Midway on the Tenn-Tom in the winters and here at Club CQ on the Beaver during summers. If you find yourself at either place, look us up. I wish you fair winds and calm waters on your future journeys.

aboard "Miss Nauti"

Don said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the locking thru videos. This is a part of what you do that has intimidated me when I think about my own river adventures.

You guys are old hands now.

Travel safe McGees!

Don said...

I'm surprised you're not going further south. In a few weeks the leaves with be in full Fall colors and the cruising will be beautiful.

I've enjoyed following you for another cruise season and look forward to all future adventures.

RoN Friend said...

Well your trip is coming to an end. I finally got to see a video of you locking the Dream Manor through not one but two locks. Never having done it myself yet it looks pretty easy. One of these days I will be meeting you guys again, either on land on on the waterways.

Safe passage to your destination.

RoN F.

chrissy said...

Great vidoe!! I am Carl and Ricki's daughter so it is great seeting your adventures with the Quest!! I have heard them tell about going through the docks but never seen it.