Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EXPO Continued

Mar. 6-7, 2010----National Houseboat Expo.

Saturday was rather busy as more people were in attendance.

Gibson boat with lots of visitors.

Carol comes down the stairs after taking another look at the Gibson.

Hard to tell what Carol is looking at while she talks to John. See the photo on the right for a better view.

John is most well known by his nickname "Little John". He is the person who builds and installs the beautiful stainless steel rails on Gibson boats.

Various shots of other boats on display. There were also a number of booths with vendors showing their products. Everything from insurance, brokers, marinas and generators to toilets, to mention a few.

President of Gibson Boats, William C. Brummett (Bill) is looking up at his wife Mitzi on the stairs. The Gibson plant is located in Portland, TN. Call Bill at 615-325-9320 for a tour. They have a wonderful facility and would be proud to show you their work.

Mitzi Brummett is all smiles as she welcomes folks to go through the 5500 series Gibson Boat.

Houseboat magazine plays an important role in promoting and documenting the show. Caught Steve Sargent with Camera in hand always ready to capture an interesting photo. Steve is Account Executive for Harris Publishing.

Another prominent individual with Harris publishing is Brady Kay, Executive Editor. He has on a blue shirt. Standing tall to the right of the gentleman who is leaning in an effort to see the table, Brady has camera in hand prepared to capture the winner of the Poker Run. A lucky person will go home with a new pontoon boat.

Brady and Steve are mentioned because the McGees had the pleasure of their company on the Dream Manor last Sept 23rd on the Cumberland River at Gallatin Marina.
They took many pictures including the one Carol and Allen are standing by at the boat show. The 4mcgees are looking forward to the April 2010 issue of Houseboat magazine.

A musical group was playing during the boat show. At the end of this video the camera is moved around to show Bill Brummett senior enjoying the music. He was the founder of Gibson Boats.
Carol and Allen left the show Sunday afternoon and drove part way home spending the night just north of Memphis. Arrived in Youngsville, LA about 6 pm the evening of March 8th.
It was a great trip. Thanks especially to the Gibson folks and Houseboat magazine.


Mar. 5, 2010---National Houseboat Expo, Louisville, KY.

Of course immediate attention was directed to the Gibson boat! This 55' Classic gained lots of inquiries during the show.

The split galley has a lot of appeal because two people can work at the same time very efficiently. Also provides extra storage areas.

Helm console is more spacious to accomodate electronics.

See through glass sinks have become quite popular.
Yacht-style sliding doors in the cabin are very nice.
A great new feature is dual-pane windows and insulated walls!

Carol checked out the new Gibson from bottom to top.

Tom Austin on the right is Gibson's General Manager.
Look at the sign above. Who's boat is prominently displayed! Watch for it on the cover of April's issue of Houseboat magazine.


Mar. 2 - 5, 2010 --- On the 2nd Carol & Allen drove to Columbus, MS and spent the night on the "Dream Manor". The boat looked a little lonesome when we first arrived. It was great to spend time checking things to make sure there were no winter problems. Everything was just fine except for the cold. Temperature in the mid 30's made a person wish for a warmer climate!
On the 3rd Carol & I made a final inspection and continued on our journey. Not being in a real hurry we spent the night in Goodlettsville, TN. That is a little ways north of Nashville. Crossing the Cumberland River in the car certainly had seemed different looking toward the dowtown area of Nashville where we enjoyed much of last summer living on the boat.

On the 4th we arrived in Louisville, KY and checked in at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Located across from the entrance to the Fair Grounds will make it convenient to walk to the "National Houseboat Expo".

First day of the boat show was the 5th. Doors did not open until 2:00 p.m. so there was time to look around downtown Louisville.
Carol is standing in front of The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Watching a film on the history of Kentucky was very enjoyable. It was nicely done presenting pioneer days, Statehood and up through the present. Discussed industry, entertainment, beauty of the land and spirit of the people.
Street picutres showing some of the architect of the area.

Parking near the Ohio river gave a view of the water and a contrast of old buildings versus the newer and taller ones in the background.