Tuesday, September 21, 2010


9/21/10---Shawnee State Park at mile 363.2 on the Ohio side about eight miles from West Portsmouth.

This marina is very well protected on all sides.

This drainage is called Nace Run. Look how still the water is looking out the mouth of the creek where it enters the Ohio River.

Dream Manor on the still water waiting to travel down the river.

Fog in the distant hills blends in with the clouds.

At mile 404.7 is located a power plant on the Ohio side. This is the Dayton Power & Light Plant, J.M. Stuart Station & Dock Fleeting Area. A fleeting area is where barges are tied along the bank. Often tied to mooring cells.

A look at the coal scoop which rotates continuously when unloading a barge. There are so many power plants along the Ohio River that only a few have been mentioned on this trip.

Town of Maysville Kentucky at mile 408.5 as we pass under the Maysville-Aberdeen bridge.

Looking back beyond the bridge can be seen the power plant.
Continued down river another 18 miles to a familiar stopping point at Augusta, KY. Tied up at the nice concrete city dock and promptly walked about two blocks to "The Plantation Inn" to once again enjoy a terriffic buffet. Spending the night at this dock. Total engine hours today 5.6 covered 63.8 miles.


Don said...

I love photos of Dream Manor underway!

You guys are running out of summer fast -- today is the first day of Fall. You need to head south soon.

Have you decided where you are going to winter the Dream Manor?

Anonymous said...

Allen says: Planning to leave Dream Manor at Green Turtle Bay in Grand Rivers, Ky on Lake Barkley. Should be there in about 11 days.

Degaje said...
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Degaje said...

I'll wave as you pass Cincinnati. Have a good trip to Green Turtle. Good folks.