Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sept. 14, 2010---Inside the Museum is a sign that references the island which is located in the Ohio River about 1.5 miles down the river from Parkersburg. This museum is in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Blennerhassett's is a story of riches to rags as they only got to live on the island for 8 years.

Hope you can click on the written material to get the details of the family. Harman Blennerhassett was a wealthy aristocrat from Ireland. He and his wife bought the island in 1798. They built a magnificent mansion and estate. In 1806 Harman became entangled in a mysterious enterprise with Aaron Burr. Blennerhassett's fled the island never to return. Harman was captured and spent time in the virginia State Penitentiary. He was later acquitted and released, but his life was ruined.

The mansion was accidently burned to the ground in 1811. Archaeologists rediscovered the foundation in 1973. Through careful historical and architectural research the mansion has been recreated for visitors. It was rebuilt in the late 1980's. We did not have an opportunity to go to the island.

Here is an artists concept of the house and grounds.

Beautiful cadillac.

There is a great collection of arrowheads and other Indian artifacts that were found on the island. Research indicates the island has been inhabited for some 13,000 years.

Bones and teeth of the mammoth found on the island.

A traveling display of old washing machines was in the museum.

Many old rifles on display.

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