Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sept. 17, 2010---Another festive day at Pomery, Ohio. Meigs High School band entertained the crowd.

Girls on the team did a great job of handling the colorful flags.

Now there are six boats rafted to the Dream Manor. Get to meet lots of boaters this way.

Lots of wiring and cables along the wall providing power to the boats.

Four man band called "Still Standing" provided afternoon entertainment. They were followed by country western singer "Simba". Final band of the night was a group of four high school boys called "South of the Bend".

Sternwheelers: Pearl Anne, Faris Wheel & Dresden Belle

Jaunita, Lida Ann, Skinny Bill and Hobby III

Venders set up and waiting for the crowd. There was a good turn out in the evening.

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