Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sept. 18, 2010---Final day of the Sternwheel Riverfest in Pomeroy, Ohio.

First event of the day was a chili cookoff. Carol & Keith tried them all.

A talent contest was held. These two young men did an outstanding rendition of the Blues Brothers. Turn up the volume on all the videos to get best results.

Bob did a good job of playing the spoons.

Sexy Legs contest was a lot of fun for the audience. Allen was awarded the 2nd place trophy out of 15 participants. Some boaters will do nearly anything to show off!

Carol threatened the ladies with a soft blow up bat. She announced it was okay for them to look only.

Dream Manor is surrounded.

Busy water front. Folks really enjoy the annual Sternwheel Riverfest. Maryann's video taken from the Blennerhasset Sternwheeler gives another look at the waterfront. She & Keith went for the one hour pleasure ride to get pictures and relax.

The event ended with fireworks. It has been quite a boating season for us as we have been in the right places to see fireworks several times in various cities.
Note: Bruce Gibson was one of the boaters rafted to the Dream Manor for the festival. Enjoy the video as he was very entertaining. Again it will be necessary to turn up the volume on the videos.

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Anonymous said...

What fun you are having! Who did you contact for electric hook up at Pomeroy?

Miss Nauti