Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sept. 22, 2010---Quite a travel day. Left Augusta, KY at 7:45 a.m. It was not long before we had to dodge around floating debris. Reached Meldahl Lock at mile 436.2 and promptly learned the big chamber was out of service. This means long tows have to be split to get through the small chamber. After waiting 1.5 hours the lock master let us in and down the 30'. Felt fortunate that he worked us through, as there was a tow waiting on the up side and one on the down side. There was plenty of debris on the inlet to the chamber and a tug against the wall with engines churning the water. We had to pass the tug and work thru the mess. It was a bit of a challenge, but made it okay. The closer we got to Manhatten Harbor marina at Dayton, KY the harder the wind was blowing. Still working around debris. Dream Manor was crabbed to stay on course. Reaching the marina it was obvious our only hope was to get tied up at the fuel dock. Took some maneuvering, but we got secured safely. A little like old home week as folks there recognized us and gave us a warm welcome back. Traveled 40.2 miles in 5.8 hours. Again remember the hours reported are always just engine hours.

At mile 453 about three miles down river from New Richmond Ohio is a power plant, Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company's Walter C. Beckjord Station. What really attracted attention was smoke.Getting closer it could be seen that coal in one of the barges was smoldering.

Personnel on the tug were showing concern.

Looking back we could see the tug was moving. Probably to get the other barges separated from the one that was burning.

Looking over the bow toward Cincinnati. Wind blowing dust clouds off the levee where trucks and dozers are working to raise the height of the levee behind the marina.

Stayed at the fuel dock.

Last two pictures on the right show the flags sticking straight out from the high wind.

Last two pictures on the left are just before dark. The wind quit blowing and I nearly fell over because of leaning into the wind.

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Got to learn to handle the boat in wind.