Monday, September 13, 2010


Sept. 12, 2010---Final day of the Sternwheel Festival in Marietta, Ohio. It was fun to see the boats back out from the shore and get underway for the competition. There were 17 fine sternwheelers divided into four groups for the competition. It was like watching in slow motion as they are really not very fast. Each group ran for one mile and crossed the finish line at the barge with the stages on it at the foot of the bank below the old Lafeyette hotel. As they passed by the crowd it ended the festival and the boats continued on to their home ports. After the sternwheelers departed the crowd drifted about three blocks to the car show. Lots of cars to see. Funny thing though, some of those now called antiques look like the one's we drove as youngsters! Look at the slide show on the right to view some of the cars.

Fine looking pair!

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RoN Friend said...

Great POst. Great pictures and videos of the SternWheeler races.

RoN F.