Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sept. 27, 2010---Windy day, Dream Manor was shoved hard against the dock with a tight fit between two boats. We felt like a day of rest anyway after the long haul yesterday. Spent some time in the engine room doing a little clean up and maintenance on the primary fuel filter for the port engine. Keith fixed a large batch of popcorn and we spent a lot of time watching movies. Then of course Monday night football has priority over any other activities. It was a good game between Green Bay & Chicago. However Green Bay beat themselves with penalties.

Sept. 28, 2010---Traveled a great distance of 35 miles today in 3.5 hours. Tied up at the Inland Marina fuel dock in Evansville, Indiana at mile 792. (This means we are now 792 miles from Pittsburgh). Took on 426 gallons of diesel. Dream Manor was a little thirsty! First order of business after that was to call Casino Aztec and have the courtesy van come pick us up and haul us to the casino. Lunch at the buffet you know! Spent all we wanted to at the slot machines and returned to the boat. Will continue down river in the morning.


david said...

Hi McGees,

I'm enjoying your blog. You passed me on your trip through Louisville, but I missed you. I was beached just above Rivers Edge.

O, by the way, you are in Indiana, not Illinois.

Lucky Dog

jack said...

Hi McGee my name is jack Norris and I love the blog . you're living my dream hopefully i'll be there one day family in tow.lol for now just happy to play in the santee lake and the coast when ma say's It's ok.