Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sept. 15, 2010---Had not mentioned in previous writings that as the festival started to break up Sunday morning the 12th, a spot became available at Marietta Harbor. Weighed anchor and moved to the dock. Maryann and Carol looking up the steep walkway but glad to have electric power without running the generator. Notice the long sleeves. Suggests it is time to continue south.

Dream Manor is faced up stream in the Muskingum River. Behind us the LST 325 can be seen facing down the Ohio River. They left Marietta about 8:00 a.m. and we departed at 9:45 after returning the rental vehicle and taking on fresh water.

Down the Ohio 13 miles we passed Parkersburg, WV. Fort Boreman is on top of the hill to the right.

Blennerhassett Island covers about 500 acres. Mileage on the river is from 186 to 190 or four miles long. Looking thru the trees this may be the re-built manson.
Another glimpse of the manson or some of the other buildings on the island.

Kraton Polymers is a large facility located in Rockland Ohio across the river from Blennerhassett Island.

Sabic plastics plant located about one mile past the island on the West Virginia side.

At mile 203. 9 is the Belleville Lock which lowers the boats 22' going down river. Could not see the LST as they were already down and out of the chamber. This picture of the LST 325 is in the Racine lock at mile 237.5 which is another 22' drop. Had to wait until they were down and gone for our turn. Will not see the LST for a number of days until we pass them at their home port in Evansville, Indiana. It is just interesting that our travels have brought us close to the ship so many times this summer.

Reaching our destination for the day at Pomeroy, Ohio it looked crowded. Little did we know their Sternwheel Riverfest takes place this weekend.

There was an open area along the wall that was too short, but when we showed interest in docking, a fellow boater moved the little boat for us to get in and tied up. Once we got secure the cruisers started rafting off to the Dream Manor.

This picture was taken before other boats started rafting to ours. Sternwheelers are docked with bows to the shore. Pomeroy is located at mile 250. That means we traveled 78 miles today in 9 hours and handled two locks.

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RoN Friend said...

Another day in the adventuresof the Mcgees. The LST came through Cincy on 9/16. Even made the news. Getting chilly here too.

See you soon.

RoN F.