Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sept. 1, 2010---Walking trip in downtown Pittsburgh is a great way to see some wonderful buildings. Allegheny County Court House is a grand old structure.

The courthouse covers a lot of area.

This is the City-County Building.

William Penn Hotel is said to be the oldest in Pittsburgh.

Interior of the hotel is quite outstanding, but difficult to photogaph.

Fountain across the street from the hotel.

Another view with the PNC building in the background.

One of the PNC buildings. This one is notable because of the Pittsburgh steel used to construct the exterior. It is going to rust and that reddish look will be the color of the building.

Took the Steel Street subway back across the Monongahela river to Station Square. Before boarding a dinosaur was spotted at the second level underground.

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pam2007 said...

My husband, brother and sister-in-law are planning to bring our new boat from Franklin Furnace to Pittsburgh the end of May. We were all boaters on the Allegheny in the 1970s. Do boating is not new but we are a little out of practice.

I really enjoyed your adventure from Pittsburgh. I have ordered the Hay's book and we are doing our research. We don't have a lot of extra time. From your blog I figured you traveled about 9 miles an hour. So not much sightseeing. Any guess on how long it should take us to make the trip, figuring that all goes well?

Plan to read your blog again. Thank you so much it was very interesting. Maybe next summer we will plan to do more sightseeing!