Friday, April 30, 2010


Apr. 30, 2010---Another day watching the geese grow.

Installed a new belt on fresh air compressor. Divers attempted to finish changing props. After several attempts with the puller & much hammering it seemed much safer to put the lock nuts back on the shafts. Will make plans to change props when we reach a marina with a travel lift to take the boat out of the water.

The weather is deteriorating and not expected clear until next Tuesday. Will start traveling sometime next week.


Apr. 29, 2010---The local flock of geese is expanding. There are 5 goslings with these two adults.

During the off season Toup's Propeller Service in Abbeville, LA reconditioned the original props and opened the blades from 26 to 27 pitch. We are anxious to see what the performance will be on the 20"x 27 cupped props. Divers working nearby on another boat got started changing out our props. The water was very cold but progress was being made until they ran short of air. Could not keep them inspired to dive with the worn out belt slipping on the compressor!

Decided to check out the davit and the dinghy for proper operation and performance. Everything worked great! Took a ride up the TomBigBee about two miles to scout out floating debris. Found the waterway to be fairly clear.


Apr. 28, 2010---Finally a really nice day. With temperature in the upper 70's and no wind it was an ideal day to wash the boat. The "Dream Manor" again sparkles in the sunshine. Gaskets arrived and the sea water pumps were reinstalled on the main engines.


Apr. 27, 2010---Since there are 604 hours on the 315 HP Yanmar diesel engines, we decided to change out the impellers in the sea water pumps before starting this boating season. The task involved taking the pumps apart to access the impellers. We had the impellers and o-rings on hand but found a gasket needed. Ordered gaskets from Laborde Products in Covington, LA.

Bird houses near the lock provide nesting places for Purple Martins. These birds are important in the area as they feed on pesky insects.

John C. Stennis Lock and Dam on the right is located on the TomBigBee Waterway at Columbus,MS.
Photo above is just upstream of the lock.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Apr 24, 2010---What a day to travel. The weather was deadly in Mississippi. Fortunately we were about 3 hours behind the front and experienced no problems. Tornados touched down across the central part of Mississippi causing a lot of destruction and loss of life. Town of Yazoo was hit particularily hard. Upon arrival at our boat in Columbus, Mississippi it was a relief to find everything was okay at the marina. There had been about 5 inches of rain with only small hail and no damage was found. Carol chose not to come to the boat until a later date. Clint came along to drive Keith's Vehicle back to Youngsville.

Apr 25, 2010---After traveling on Saturday it was appropriate to spend Sunday getting reaquainted with the "Dream Manor". The boat seemed glad to have someone aboard after the long winter. Exterior of the boat is long over due for a good scrub down. Spiders thought they were in charge until Keith sprayed with some spider killer! Clint drove back home with no problems.

Apr 26, 2010---Windy and cold today. Plans to wash the boat changed! Will wait for warmer weather. Maryann cleaning the inside. There was a little water in the bilge of the cuddy that had come in from the bow storage area during the hard rain. Keith and Allen used sponges to remove the water and clean the collection troughs.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Houseboat Magazine

April 20, 2010----It is has been a dry spell since the blog was updated. Many apologies to the readers. However the weather has finally warmed up and boating season is about to start!

The 4mcgees are making plans to move onto the boat in the next few days. We are looking forward to many new experiences this year as we continue to travel the inland waters of our great country.

Exciting news!!! The April issue of Houseboat Magazine is now available. It features a fine article about the "Dream Manor" and its owners, the 4mcgees. If you do not find a copy of the magazine, the article can be found on the Gibson Boats web site. On the right hand side of this blog look for Gibson Boats and just below that click on
This brings up their home page. Click on the picture that is the cover of "Houseboat" magazine. You must have Adobe Reader to view the article. If you do not have Adobe installed on your computer, when you click on the picture it will show you steps to download a free version.

Many thanks to Brady Kay (editor of Houseboat magazine) for the article. The mcgees are very proud of the layout.

If you go back to the home page of Gibson Boats there are other places to see pictures of the "Dream Manor". Click on "Christmas 2009 Boat Decoration". There are several Gibson boats that are really decorated with lots of lighting. Scroll down to see the "Dream Manor". Not quite so many lights, but still nicely done.

Click on "1st Qtr Newsletter" and you will see a picture of the "Dream Manor" in the upper left corner.

Click on "Media-Magazine Articles & Boat Shows", scroll down & near the bottom click on the line "February 2008 Louisville, Ky National Houseboat Expo-custom 5900 LS series "Dream Manor". This will let you view a slide show of the "Dream Manor" that was done during that show. These are older pictures but you can see a few shots of the interior as most pictures are taken showing the outside of the boat.

If you wish to read Houseboat magazine on a regular basis subscribe online. Go to and click below the cover picture and follow the steps to subscribe for $29.95 for 12 issues.