Friday, September 17, 2010


Sept. 16, 2010---Cloudy, rainy and dreary until late afternoon. Most everyone stayed hidden in their boats until the rain passed. Looking out the starboard window there are 5 boats rafted to us. Directly south across the Ohio River from where we are in Pomeroy, Ohio is the small town of Mason, West, Virginia.

Looking forward from the Dream Manor.

Everyone wants electric power to their boats. This is a look at some of the temporary wiring.

Late evening as the weather cleared the lighting became much better. Vendors setting up for the festival are located in the parking area above the wall.

In the distance is a sternwheeler backing out from shore with passengers aboard for a dinner cruise. The sternwheeler is pushing a party barge set up with tables. Name of the boat is Blennerhassett. It is the one used to ferry people to the Blennerhassett Island from Parkersburg.

Sun shine!

Weather cleared and the "Southern Accent" band was able to get set up and play from 7 to 10 p.m. Just before the band began their performance the fire truck parade drew lots of attention. If you like lots of sirens be sure to view the video. Not long after the parade a number of the units got busy as a tornado touched down about 17 miles north of Pomeroy. A few people were injured and several houses were destroyed.

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RoN Friend said...

You seem to draw a lot of attention wherever you go. Other boats like to raft up to you. You guys are some fun people.

RoN F.