Saturday, August 31, 2013


Aug.31, 2013---For those who are following the travels of 4mcgees, here is the latest plan. Had great visions of going north to St. Paul, MN or somewhere on the upper Mississippi River. With all the delay and headaches from generator problems we are returning to Demopolis, AL. It is getting late in the boating season and there are land things to be done. Also starting to cool off in Minnesota. Will tackle the upper Mississippi another year. Today covered 62 miles in 8 hours up the Tennessee River to Clifton Marina. Many boats on the river kept us busy watching people play. All types of watercraft going in all directions. Looked as though everyone must have gotten their boats started for the Holiday weekend!
Homes on bluff for river view.

Common sight all day.
Boats gathered together on sandy beaches. 

Saw lots of things being towed today.

Personal Watercraft were plentiful.

Boats near huge pile of sand recovered from
main channel by dredging.

Playing and sunning. This will be a day of sunburns.

Cliff dweller!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Aug. 30, 2013---Nixon Power Service, generator specialist arrived at 7:00 a.m. After numerous checks of the various components the control board was next in line for consideration. Low and behold one of the wiring harnesses on backside of controller was barely connected. It was too loose to make contact and came completely unplugged when controller was moved. Generator tech said "can we be so lucky that would be the only problem"? Sure enough when properly plugged in the generator ran fine. Some lessons are simply expensive. However not having to buy parts was a blessing.
Control board shows engine has run 1616 hours.
Behind this board was the separated connection.

Generator housing reassembled.

Keith is preparing to set dinghy in the water.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Aug. 29, 2013---Another day studying on the generator. Pictures suggest it is open for surgery.
Good place to stop and wait for the technician to arrive in the morning.


Aug. 28, 2013---Not much to say this day. Decided it would be a good time to change oil and filter on the generator. Still anticipating it will run sometime in the future.
As sun sets at Pebble Isle Marina
it is good that Dream Manor is plugged
into shore power.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Aug. 27, 2013---Installed new water pump belt and new alternator belt on the generator. Tested and installed new fuel pump. Figured fuel pump would solve the problem. Not so! Aggravating generator still refuses to run. Spent entire day trying to determine the problem. Will have to sleep on it and perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Quietly docked at Pebble  Isle Marina.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Aug. 26, 2013---Disconnected electric fuel pump on generator. Made jumper wires to connect directly to the battery. Found pump runs but will not pump diesel fuel. Used courtesy van to make a trip to Paris. That's Paris, Tennessee! Stopped at Paris Winery for Maryann to taste a few choice samples. Must have been good as she purchased several bottles. Continued to Enterprise & rented a vehicle. Had lunch at Subway. Tried two parts stores attempting to locate a fuel pump. Returned to Pebble Isle Marina and made several calls before someone could identify the pump part number needed for the generator. Ordered from NAPA.   
Paris Winery

Field of grapes being harvested.

Very nice foliage in the flower garden.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Aug. 25, 2013---Departed Green Turtle Bay Marina at 9:00 a.m.  Went 1 mile up Cumberland River and crossed over to Tennessee River. Went up river to Pebble Isle Marina. It was quite windy for half the day. Great time for sailboaters. Saw more boats today than had been seen all together in past two months. Apparently everyone realizes the "fun in sun season" is about over. Sailboats, houseboats, speedboats, pontoon boats, personal water crafts and various other boats were plentiful today. Wind let up about noon and the water became vary smooth. Pleasant 74 mile journey. Arrived Pebble Isle Marina at 5:45 p.m.  
Sailboat towing PWC.

Houseboat towing pontoon boat.

Another colorful sailboat.

Spotted this tug about 5 miles ahead of us.
Traveling nearly the same speed as it took about 40 miles
in 4 hours to overtake it.

Dream Manor basking in the evening sunlight at
Pebble Isle Marina.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Aug. 24, 2013---Planned an early start today because of all the tows waiting to get through Lock #52. Knew there would be some waiting time. Attempted to start the generator. Tried various things and several attempts. Beastly contraption absolutely would not start! Knowing the house batteries would run down before day's end, chose to return to Green Turtle Bay Marina on Barkley Lake. Went back up the Ohio River 11 miles and turned starboard for channel to Cumberland River. Enjoyed a peaceful return to Barkley lock. Lockmaster nearly had the lock ready by time we arrived. Lifted up 57 feet to Barkley Lake. Went a mile and turned starboard to Green Turtle Bay. Pumped out waste tank and settled into a slip by the marina office. Most important thing was connecting to shore power to get all the batteries recharged. Traveling up river it took 7 hours to make 42.7 miles.
Sunrise on Ohio River at Paducah, KY
Reflection resembles a cross.

Gates opening to Barkley lake on Cumberland River.
Lock is a mile from Green Turtle Bay Marina.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Aug. 23, 2013---Had some final errands today. Picked up a few more supplies. Of course laundry has to be done at opportune times. While driving a rental it was a good time to wash clothes. Turned in the rental and had Enterprise drive us back to the boat. Walked to Shandies for lunch. Rain showers this afternoon made for good napping
Shandies located at street level in C.C.Cohen building

Looking down Broadway at opening in sea wall.

Dafford has painted many sea walls in cities along
the rivers. In our travels we have seen a lot of them.

Working on this scene.

Beautiful display of Paducah history.

This mural represents locks common on Ohio River.
. Giving generator a good test. Will travel Ohio River tomorrow. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Aug. 22, 2013---Checked out of motel. Spent some time shopping at Best Buy. Had a healthy lunch at McAllisters. Picked up a few needed groceries at Walmart. Not far from the boat Maryann and Carol went to a couple of museums and looked at local antique stores. Keith and Allen unloaded supplies and carried them onto the boat. Very glad water level had receded enough it was not necessary to wade to get to the ramp. Water went down since daylight when we first checked on the boat.  House batteries completely drained. Refrigerator thawed everything in freezer section. Generator tech arrived at 2:15 p.m. and proceeded to troubleshoot the problem. Dismantled front section of sound proofing case to access the relay. Replaced that part and generator started just fine. Reassembled and put generator in service. While batteries charged and air conditioners cooled the cabin we walked to JB's Bar and Grill to enjoy their A/C. Had a nice dinner and returned to the comfortable boat.
Compare to yesterday's picture to see rocks are covered
and it is necessary to wade to get on the ramp.
Carol & Allen
Maryann & Keith

We are all smiling because the generator is running.


Aug. 21, 2013---What is that saying about "best made plans". Well in boating they are subject to change without notice. Had visions of making it to Mississippi River today. Not so, generator refuses to start. There are no pleasure craft marinas for the next 250 miles. Therefore the generator is essential. Did troubleshooting for several hours. Finally called Kohler service tech and made arrangements for an on site tech tomorrow afternoon. Got an Enterprise rental vehicle (jeep) and went to Comfort Inn & Suites for a room with electricity, TV and Internet. You know, all the creature comforts we have come to enjoy! Also learned lock #52 was out of service. It is located a short way down river from Poducah. Had trouble getting the gate up and river level was dropping. Apparently went into operation shortly before dark as there were many tows above and below the lock as we drove over the river to Metropolis, Illinois. Home of Superman! However our goal was Harrahs Casino for some gaming and dinner. About 10:00 p.m. Keith and Allen went back to the boat to check tie lines. Figured with lock and dam back in service the river level would be rising. Sure enough river level was higher. Had to wade through water to reach walkway leading to the barge that is being used as a wharf. Frequently refer to boating as endless entertainment!
Sunrise on Ohio River

As sun begins to set notice how much rock is exposed
below the walkway accessing the wharf. It will look
different in the morning.

"BB" wonders what is really going on.

Allen & "BB" , moon is seen behind a rail.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Aug. 20, 2013---What a day! Found out Kentucky Dam Lock is out of service for repairs until late September. Departed Kentucky Dam Marina at 6:30 a.m. Who knew we even got up that early! Had visions of making lots of miles. Went back up the Tennessee River about two miles and crossed over to the Cumberland River at mile 32.5 on the Cumberland. Approached Barkley lock. A tug was waiting outside the gate and two tows were tied up at mooring cells waiting a turn. To pass some time we went into Green Turtle Bay Marina and visited with management who we had gotten well acquainted with two years ago. Lockmaster said we need to come get in line for a spot to lock down. Indicated it would be a 45 minute wait. About 1 1/2 hours later finally got in the lock. It was very slow lowering us 57 feet. Maneuvered around a tow positioning to get in the gate. Lock is at mile 30.6. That is the distance we traveled down the Cumberland to mile zero where it enters the Ohio at mile 923. Traveled down Ohio River 11.5 miles to Paducah at mile 934.5. Ohio River miles start at zero in Pittsburgh and count higher to confluence of Mississippi River. Tied up at the wharf which is a stationary barge near the boat launch below the wall painted with history of the area. Painted scenes are on city side of the wall. Total distance traveled today was 50 miles in 10 hours. Lots of tow boats working in the area keeps us rocking steadily.
Great Blue Heron watching colorful ripples. 

Departing Kentucky Dam Marina

Green Turtle Bay Marina in background. Tow waiting.
Barkley Dam on far right.

Fuel dock at Green Turtle Bay Marina.

Trucks hauling rock. Dump it on conveyor which loads the barge.

Tow anxious to enter Barkley Lock as we left the lock.

Dozer working on huge pile of crushed rock.

Large rock operation on Cumberland River about
7 miles above Ohio River.

Following tow to Ohio River just past the mooring cells.

Painted sea wall at Paducah

Dream Manor on wharf at Paducah, KY on Ohio River