Wednesday, June 30, 2010


June 30, 2009---Spent some time taking pictures at Golconda Marina.

Dream Manor looks great in any marina!

The Shawnee Water Taxi was parked at Golconda and left the marina while we got ready for departure. Later as we cruised up river we met the taxi coming back from somewhere with passengers.

Saw the 15 car ferry crossing the Ohio River at mile 881. On the Kentucky side it unloads on highway 91 which goes south to Marion. We visited the Amish community around Marion by land on June 25th. It was about a 1 hour drive from Green Turtle Bay. It took 11 hours by boat to get back to the same area via the Cumberland and Ohio rivers.

This gazebo greets river travelers as they near Elizabeth Town, IL at mile 889.5

At mile 880.5 Cave in Rock is located on the Illinois side of the river. There was no place to safely tie the Dream Manor near the cave. So we chose a spot to anchor behind Cave in Rock Island on the Kentucy side of the river. Got the dinghy down (Little Dreamer) and traveled across the Ohio River to see the cave.

Crossing the river the opening of the cave can clearly be seen as a large hole in the cliff. The opening is about 55 feet wide. Pulled the dinghy up on the shore to get it out of the current.

Looking at the cave opening from the outside and inside.

Keith & Maryann in the largest room in the cave. The cave is not very long, but very historic. French explorers discovered the cave in 1729. The cave became a lair for notorious villains. Pirates used the cave before the turn of the 19th century. Other cave outlaws used the cave for many years. Lots of river travelers were murdered by the bad characters who used this cave. Around 1830 the cave outlaws and river pirates had been driven out so people could safely travel the river.
We loaded the dingy back on Dream Manor and went up river another 23 miles to Old Shawneetown, IL. At the lower end of Shawneetown Island we set anchor for the night. Total of 45 miles traveled today in 6.8 hours. With the stop at Cave in Rock average speed today was 6.6 mph.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


June 29, 2010---Left Green Turtle Bay at 10:30 a.m. It is just about 1.6 miles to the Barkley lock. Had called earlier to check on barge traffic and expected to get in about 11:00 a.m. Turned out to be noon when the tow cleared the lock onto Lake Barkley. Entered the lock & lowered 57 feet. Continued down the Cumberland River 30.6 miles. Met several tows as we traveled downriver to mile zero which intersects the Ohio River at mile 923. Turned upstream into the Ohio. Promptly lost 2 1/2 to 3 mph against the current. From here on we are in new territory! This is where we intended to be a month ago. One of our loyal readers had commented, "anything could be fixed with time and money". We are excited to be on the move! Smithland Lock at mile 918.5 had the gate open for us. Just a 22' lift, then continued up the Ohio River. At mile 902.5 turned port into the Golconda Marina, Illinois. It was just after 6:00 p.m. when we tied up for the night. A wonderful day. Made 55 miles and two locks in 7 1/2 hours.

Cattle were enjoying a dip in the Ohio. Cooling off and probably getting bugs off too.

The videos were taken on the Cumberland River of a large crushed rock operation. They were loading a barge and another was being positioned. Just imagine all the conveyor belts at this facility.

Monday, June 28, 2010


June 26, 2010---A busy day! Drove to Poducah and visited the Tilghman Home. This home was built for him to get him to move here to build railroads. He was killed in the Civil War near Vicksburg. MS while serving in the Confederate Army.

Drove to Draffenville, KY and played a fun round of miniature golf at Maggies Jungle. They have done a nice job of making the area appear like a jungle.

In addition to the golf course is a one mile trip that can be done on foot or in a golf cart. On this Jungle Run thru the woods, live animals will be seen. Hilighted with a giraffe and a llama. Of course there are goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, ducks, chickens, ostrich, emu and peacocks. Especially fun for children as some of the animals would allow themselves to be petted.

Had dinner and in town and then went to the Kentucky Opry. We enjoyed it so much last night that we had been looking forward to more music. Tonights performances were very different and hilighted with a terrific sax player, Reggie Lafaye. He is a famous sax player who has played in all fifty states headling his own show. What a wonderful way to spend the evenings.

Short videos to give you a sample of Clay Campbell playing the guitar and Reggie Lafaye on the sax.


June 25, 2010---On Fridays the 4mcgees will be seen wearing red in support of our troops.

We took a drive to the town of Marion, Kentucky located in Crittenden county. A very nice, small town that is almost like a step back in time. Neat old stores with friendly people. The Amish community is located in rolling hills just north of town. It was a beautiful drive and we enjoyed visiting with some of the locals. They still use horses to work the farms and provide transportation pulling carts and wagons. Saw a lady cutting the grass in front of her home using a horse to pull the rotary, riding mower. The people are great craftmen. The furniture they build is really wonderful.

For the evening activity we drove about 12 miles from Green Turtle Bay in Grand Rivers to the Town of Draffenville.
Kentucky Opry is located just north of the small town. Don't let location fool you. The show is outstanding. Clay Campbell does a super job working with young folks to develop new talent. The kids ranged from 6 years old to young adults about 20 years old. The support band is great and those young people can really sing and play various instruments. What a terrific two hours of entertainment.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


June 23, 2010---Drove the short distance from Grand Rivers to Kentucky Dam. Found visitor center is closed due to construction. The new 110 foot by 1200 foot lock when completed will be a great improvement in addition to the existing 600 foot lock. Average waiting time for tows is 6.5 hours because most of the tows have to be split to get through the present lock. Products from 20 states pass through this lock enroute from the Tennessee River into the Ohio and Mississippi River. The Kentucky Lock & Dam was built between 1938 and 1944. It is the lowermost of the nine dams on the Tennessee River owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority that was created in 1933.

Kentucky Lake created by this dam is 184 miles long which is the largest artificial lake in the Eastern United States. The dam is 8422 feet long. It is the longest on the Tennessee River and longest in the TVA system. The dam is 206 feet high but over half the dam is submerged by water. Depending on water depth the locks lift raises and lowers vessels up to 75 feet.

Keith and Maryann with Tennessee river on the downstream side of the dam. It is 22 river miles from here to the Ohio River.

Dream Manor waiting in slip at Green Turtle Bay.


June 22, 2010---Local geese came by looking for crackers.
After a brief feeding we took a trip around the marina.

Carol chose not to go so we waved to her upon departure.

Great Blue Heron in the background.


June 21, 2010---Drove to Paducah, KY to shop and have lunch at the CC Cohen restaurant. The building has been featured on
TV as one of the most haunted places in the United States.

After lunch two tourists were spotted traveling at different rates down the street. The pace was due to the heat, very HOT day in Paducah.

There is lots of history in this area where the Tennesse River flows into the Ohio River.

The flood wall is very nicely painted depicting the establishment and growth of Paducah.

River Heritage Museum is just across the street from the wall. It was time well spent visiting this site. In some of the pictures the Ohio River can be seen past the wall.

When you enlarge the picture of the high water markings it can readily be seen why the flood wall is so important to help protect the city. This building is two blocks up from the river. Markings show: 1884 @54.2 ft,
1913 @54.3 ft, 1937 @ 60.8 ft. The year of 1937 is considered the 500 year flood.

June 20th was Father's Day. We enjoyed a nice brunch at the Yacht Club restaurant at Green Turtle Bay.