Friday, September 3, 2010


Sept. 2, 2010---Rode one of the smaller Clipper ships called "Duchess" from Station Square to the Heinz stadium. Great way to transport people to the games. Return trip after the game was on the largest of the Clipper fleet called the "Majestic".

Looking up from the landing at the south entrance into the stadium. That is the backside of the big TV screen.

One of the fans has gone all out having painted their vehicle with the Steelers colors!

East side of the stadium.

On the east side of the stadium a "Rib Fest" was in full swing. Lots of fans lined up to try the ribs. This activity looked familiar as we had been to the "Rib Fest" in Huntington, West Virginia August 13th.

Allen standing behind a carved wooden pig. Lots of folks in the background.

Inside the stadium the big screen was showing some pictures of downtown Pittsburgh. Sites that have become very familiar.

Since we arrived more than two hours before game time we had an opportunity to not only enjoy the rib fest, but to look around inside the entrance area. There was a band playing and plenty of other folks looking around too.

Attached to the ceiling is a steel structure shaped as a helmet. There is also an area dedicated to players who have made it into the Hall of Fame.

Allen and Carol finding their seats in the fourth row up from the field near the 45 yard line.

Keith and Maryann look a little bit alone in this photo. Not so as game time neared and much of the seating was filled with an attendance of just over 52,000. Not bad for the last pre-season game. Regular season begins next week.

Seated on the visitors side we had a good view of the South Carolina players.

Random shots of some of the game plays.

Pittsburgh Steelers won the game rather handily with one touchdown and four field goals with a score of 19 to the 3 points the Carolina Panthers had scored with a single field goal. We really enjoyed the game. Sights and sounds of the crowd make it exciting.

Video shows a couple of plays when Panthers have the ball and two plays when Pittsburgh is playing offense. Look closely on the last play to see one of the referees was knocked down by a Panther player.

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Anonymous said...

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go! I'm glad you folks are enjoying Pittsburgh, and I'm not surprised the Steelers won! We're headed "up there" by car on Sunday to check out the LST. We plan to hook up with friends at Station Square. Look for a 32' Carver "The Aurora", a 48' Gibson "Terry K" and a houseboat "Ahead at Last" . They are all from Club CQ Marina.

Miss Nauti