Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sept. 25, 2010---Changed oil & filters on the main engines. Enjoyed a fine breakfast at River Edge marina. With no wind it was easy to back out from the end of the fuel dock where we were bow forward and parallel to the boat ramp. Bob Conrad and his wife put out a lot of effort for boaters to have a good experience at their marina (502-552-7829)

Someone launched a boat while we were there.

Cruising was very pleasant today. Sunshine and calm water. Went past Louisville to the McAlpine lock at 606.8 mile mark. Went into the small chamber as a tow was entering the long chamber. Since there was half as much water to let out of the short chamber to lower 35' we got out just ahead of the tow. Continued down the Ohio to mile 630 and set anchor across the river from West Point, Kentucky. West Point is located just outside the border of Fort Knox Military Reservation. Town of Fort Knox is located ten miles south of here. Traveled 5.2 hours today and covered 45.4 miles. Not bad for a mid morning starting time.

What a sunset! Red sky at night, sailors delight.

This is the way it should be when anchored for the night.

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RoN Friend said...

You are making great progress down the Ohio. Love the video. It ads a great narrative prospective of your trip. Need a video of you locking through sometime.

RoN F.