Monday, September 6, 2010


Sept. 6, 2010---Morning sun shining thru the Smithfield bridge.

Nice day for a local boating trip. Looking back at Station Square it just didn't look quite the same without the Dream Manor parked there.

About 6 miles up the Monongahela River there is a large water park. looked empty today as the weather has been a little cool. It was 48 degrees this morning.

At mile 11.2 is Lock & Dam #2. This is as far up the Monongahela as we had chosen to go. Turned around and went back down river to "The Point".

Turning around the point to enter the Allegheny River first thing that stands out is Heinz Stadium. Look at the line of people along the river walk. They are facing to the right away from the stadium.

Next picture shows more of the line. Nothing to do with the stadium.

These people are lined up to visit the LST 325. This is the same landing ship that we visited in Evansville Indiana. The old gentlemen who operate the ship brought it up the Ohio River to Pittsburgh for Labor Day. They will be returning to Evansville later this week.

It was great to see such a turn out!

Del Monte Foods has a large facility between Heinz Field and PNC Park.

You have probably noticed a number of boats in the last several pictures. There was more activity on the Allegheny River than we have seen anywhere around Pittsburgh.

Some fans in the park watching the Pirates play Atlanta Braves. final score was 3 to 1 in favor of Pittsburgh.

Giant scoreboard showed the game was just in the second inning when we went by.

This shot is to give some idea of how many bridges there are over this river. With bridges over the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers it is said there are 930 ramps in Allegheny county. Don't know how many bridges there really are in the count.

Heinz 57 can be seen on the stacks.

Home of Heinz where many of their products are produced.

Very likely each of us uses one or more of their products every day to enhance the taste of various foods.

Become A River Liver caught the eye.

This shows the apartment complex that used to be some kind of old factory building. What a great idea!

Skyline of Pittsburgh seen from the Allegheny River.
It was a fun trip. Went up the Allegheny to Lock & Dam #2 located at mile 6.7. (That is correct--both locks today were #2.) Totaled 35 miles today. Made our short trip on the two rivers in 5 hours. Tied back up at Station Square for the night. Plan to begin our journey back down the Ohio starting in the morning. Will likely take about 3 weeks as there are some places to stop on the return trip that were skipped on the way up.

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