Monday, September 20, 2010


Sept. 20, 2010---Departed from Huntington, WV at 8:45 a.m. Totally overcast and very hazy. Not far down river this tow was crossing the river taking up most of the room. Slowed down and gave him plenty of time to clear the area.

Both sides of the river are nearly lined with barges and tugs for about 9 miles.

A lot of the barges are fluid barges (probably chemicals). Many of the tugs belong to Marathon. Big Sandy River at mile 317.5 on the port side is the dividing line between West Virginia and Kentucky. On the right descending bank is the town of South Point,Ohio. On the left is the town of Kenova, West Virginia. As the state line is crossed Cattlettsburg, Kentucky is on the left.

Passed the town of Ironton, OH at mile 327. There are many small towns on both sides of the river. This one just happened to have the name painted on the flood wall.

Disturbed the Canadian geese.

At mile 335 there is a pair of beautiful weeping willow trees on the Ohio side.

Small town of Riverton, KY is directly across the river from the two willows. At mile 339 turned starboard and went just off the main channel to Holliday Point Marina for fuel. took on 330 gallons of diesel. The credit card made a squealing noise when it was run on the machine!

Left Holiday Point and went two miles to the Greenup Lock at mile 341. The gate was open and we got right in. However there was a tow entering the long chamber at the same time we entered the short chamber. Tows have priority and it was handled first. Lock master delayed closing our upstream gate until the tow was secure and starting down in the chamber. After we were lowered 30' the down stream gate was kept shut until after the tow had exited the long chamber. Out of the chamber sexy legs cleaned the fenders.

About 5:30 p.m. the sunshine on the water created a reflection that was hard on the eyes. It looked like a bed of sparkling diamonds.

Reached mile 363.2 and turned starboard to Shawnee State Park Marina at 5:45 p.m. Tied up and plugged into twin 30 amp electric power. Did not see any people at the marina.
Engine hours today was 5.8 but it took a total of 9 clock hours to make 54.7 miles distance with delay getting fuel and delay in the lock.

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