Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pebble Isle & Clifton

Days go by rather quickly, and with times of poor internet service it's easy to fall behind keeping track of 4 mcgees travels. On July 27th we had a short distance of 30.1 miles from Paris Landing to Pebble Isle Marina at marker 96. It was just 3.8 hours of peaceful time on the water. Upon arrival we found a storm had knocked out their internet service and phone booster. Felt out of touch with the outside world. It rained hard all night and part of the day of the 28th. Out good friend Barry Watts who lives there on his boat, drove us to Waverly for lunch at a buffet at Rawlins Grill. Also took us to Walmart to get a few supplies. After the sun began to shine Brother and I got up enough ambition to change oil and filers on the diesel engines. Moved to fuel dock and took on 308 gals of diesel. Moved back to dock with warm engines and serviced them at 1341 hours of operation.
 Coast Guard stationed at Paris Landing to handle placement of bouys on the river.
 Young Osprey have sure grown since we navigated down the river a few weeks ago.
 Many of the tows we have seen were pushing empty barges.
On the way to the marina.
July 29 was a longer day. Cloudy with a few sprinkles of rain as we made 62.5 miles in 7.7 hours to marker 158.5. Clifton Marina is located in a hole entirely surround with high terrain except for the narrow entrance. So after leaving the Tennessee River through the short passage into the marina it generally is very calm.
 Dredging operation removing sand from the river. Tows full of sand are common on the waterways.
 Sand is going into barges on both sides of the dredge

Bobbie likes to get upon the helm to observe the river.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paris Landing

Another super day to be on the water. So smooth it makes for some spoiled travelers! Total water miles today was 64.4 nicely done in 7.3 hours. Went down the Cumberland River and turned port to cross through the Barkley Canal to the Tennessee River. Went south up the Tennessee River to Paris Landing State Park Marina at mile 66.1, notice the mile marker numbers will be getting larger going up river.

 Kentucky State Penitentiary is known as "castle on the Cumberland". A maximum security prison completed in 1886 is Kentucky's oldest prison facility. Located about 3 miles from Eddyville, Kentucky.
At Paris Landing it became obvious where the poop on the dock had come from. The Large Blue Heron was standing proudly on top of somebody's boat. Can't imagine how pleased the owners will be to find their nice canopy covered with an undesirable deposit!

Prizer Point

July 25, 2016

What a day. Departed Clarksville, Tennessee and traveled north down the Cumberland River 8.2 hours covering 72.4 miles. A beautiful day on smooth water. Arrived at Prizer Point Marina at mile 55 which is near the town of Cadiz, Texas. Took on 100 gals of overly priced diesel fuel. Pump was so slow it took a lot of patience to get that 4 dollars per gallon fuel.

 Looking ahead at ferry and power plant.
 Cumberland City ferry.
 Look at that terrible water vapor "steam" coming from the power plant stacks.
Dover Hotel as soon from the river. This became known as the Surrender House. It was the location where 13,000 Confederate troops were unconditionally surrendered to General Grant. We toured Fort Donalson on July 19th.
Look closely at the crest of the hill where the lighter green grass reaches the dark tree line. There are several Confederate canons facing the Cumberland River where they tried to protect Fort Donalson from Union troops
One small island was very interesting. The trees were loaded with dark birds called Anhinga! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

McGregor Park

July 24, 2016

McGregor Park is nicely done as there is a wonderful walking path along the Cumberland River.

Beachaven Winery

July 23, 2016

Enjoyed a great evening of Jazz Music. There was a large turnout and folks were having a good time.
Winery very likely did well as wine sales looked to be going just fine!

 Line dancers were having a good time.
A very warm evening as the sun was setting, creating a glow thru the trees.

Black Horse Brewery

July 22, 2016

Ate sandwiches and pizza while listening to some blues music.

One of the brewers was wearing a shirt with McGee's name on it. Thomas McGee established the business about 20 years ago. I am not aware of any relationship. But who really knows.

Liberty Park

July 21, 2016

We have been enjoying the marina and parks in Clarksville.

 Lots of trails in this park. Many walkers are seen every day.
 Beautiful park well maintained and clean.
Resident Geese have right-of-way.
 Took several minutes for them to cross the road.
Lots of people enjoy boating in this area. Swimming is certainly popular in this 95 degree weather.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave is located in Adams, Tennessee about a 45 minute drive east of Clarksville.
This cave may well be occupied by some kind of spirit. It is truly an original cave. Not an easy walk. There is a small stream running through the cave. Wet rocks are very slippery and head room is a little short. Walk down to the cave entrance is steep and though not far, it seems like a long way back up the hill. Several pictures follow to show there is quite a variety of colors when lights are on. Original owner of the farm where the cave is located was John Bell and his family back in the 1800's. The family was harassed for some twenty years by some unseen force until John became deathly ill and the voice said "She" had poisoned him. Upon his death the strange activities stopped.

 Appears to be a face on top of the flow.
Returned to Clarksville and went to Miss Lucille's  Marketplace. This 42000 sq ft building is nicely arranged with isles of rare antiques, shabby chic, handmade gifts and home d├ęcor. 

 Carol checked out every booth with great interest. She really enjoys looking!

Fort Campbell & Fort Donelson

July 19th was a busy day taking in museums and historical sites. First Stop was Fort Campbell which is a very active military base in Clarksville, TN. On the base is a museum focused mostly on the Vietnam era. Keith made it especially real and interesting as he is a Vet having served two tours with the Sea Bees. His time in Vietnam was not pleasant.

Keith drove us to Dover, TN which is west of Clarksville about 35 miles, also located on the Cumberland River. Dover is where major fighting took place during the Civil War. Fort Donelson was made up of earthen mounds to hide behind and protect canons. Confederate soldiers and slaves built the 15 acre fort over a period of seven months. Confederate Troops were attacked from the river as well as on land. Union had converted boats, used in transporting of farmers products, into steel coated vessels with guns and canons. Confederates inflicted a lot of damage to the gunboats from their well located canons over looking the river. But not enough to stop the land attacks by the Union troops. After two days of battles in the severe cold in February, the Confederate troops were overpowered. On February 16, 1862 General Buckner surrendered to General Grant. Dover Hotel overlooking the river was the site of unconditional surrender. Hotel was then recognized as the Surrender House. Some 13,000 Confederate troops were loaded on transports and sent to northern prisoner-of-war camps. Mostly located in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and as far away as Boston, Mass. This was a major turning point in the Civil War.

 Monument representing the site of mass grave of Confederate soldiers. 
 Example of earthen fort.
 Confederate canons overlooking Cumberland River.
 More canons facing the river located behind hand dug earthen mounds for protection.
Dover Hotel became known as the Surrender House. Cumberland River can be seen beyond the building.