Thursday, August 26, 2010


Aug. 24, 2010---Local author, Valentine J. Brkich, has written a book called "Bridgewater". He describes a number of the old buildings seen along the streets. Dunlap Mansion is said to have the largest ballroom

An old public school sits on a hill above the war Memorial.

Methodist church was built in 1908. Lost its steeple in the 1924 tornado.

This was the public school built in 1860. It is now used as a collection site for waste salvage.

1810 Tavern on Bridge Street.

Very large building was the home of Keystone Bread Company until it closed in 1985 after 126 years of business. It has since been divided into several businesses. Most notable is the Tinitique Cafe which is a great place to eat.

First Presbyterian church was started in 1845. Expanded several times and completed in 1876. The steeple was blown away by a tornado in 1924.

Lady wanted to open a gift shop in 1977. Her husband said go ahead. But if it does not work you will be up the creek without a paddle. Hence the name "Without a Paddle". Must have worked okay as she is just now ready to sell after 33 years.

Beaver Bridge is described as looking like a beaver. Notice the head on the left, body in the middle and flat tail on the right.

Davidson home built in 1806 overlooks Beaver River. It is now a condo complex known as Sweetwater Hill.

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