Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Aug. 3, 2010---Alternating engines in reverse to move the stern back and forth to get free from the sand. Called the lock and learned they would get the short chamber ready. This is the first time our guests have experienced a lock.

Notice, before starting the day trip, Steph is helping the blogger.

Approaching Meldahl lock and dam at mile 436.2

In the lock chamber Max learned how to hold the line secure.

Steph observed the activity from the flybridge.

Todd & Max keeping Dream Manor against the wall.

At mile 427 the small town of Augusta, Kentucky has a great public dock.

Fine looking crew!

Walked three blocks to the Parkview Country Inn. Found this to be a wonderful place to eat. Service was great and the buffet was like a home cooked meal with lots of variety. Desserts were terrific!

Augusta is home of the 2000 Miss America.

After eating we looked in the store next door. "Beads & More" had a lot of neat things on display. Sign on the door was especially fun.

Rosemary Clooney House.

Rosemary died in 2002. She was George Clooney's aunt.

After a visit to Augusta we went back down the Ohio River and through the Meldahl Lock. The guests have not had the anchoring experience so we chose a location about 1/2 mile below the lock not far from where we had beached the boat. Dropped the anchor and began swinging on the hook.

Decorated for Maryann's birthday. Some balloons and streamers created a festive atmosphere.

Two cakes. One with candles showing 29 and holding. (wishful thinking) . Thanks to Ron Friends for the cake with the low numbers.

The other cake with true information.

Max helped Grandma blow out the candles.

Maryann and Todd still eating!
Total travel today 25.9 miles in 3.8 hours. A fine day trip for the "birthday girl" and guests.


Ronald said...

Happy Birthday to Maryann and MANY more to come.

Ron Friend

Ronald said...

Once again Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday a Day late!!!
Looks like you had a Great time