Monday, August 9, 2010


Aug. 9, 2010---Changed oil in the main engines and washed the boat today! Getting about ready to travel. Planning to continue upriver Wednesday.

Drove the short trip to Newport, KY for dinner. Near the parking lot on fifth street is a huge Peace Bell. It is so loud a sound proofing structure was built around it. Prior to sound proofing it could be heard for 25 miles and nearby structures were getting cracked windows.

Near the beautiful bell is a nice memorial thanking the fire fighters for their dedication to the community.


Ronald said...

Looking forward to following your exploits upriver.

Maybe I'll see you Tuesday before you leave

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip up-river, I will be watching how it goes, since I am planning a trip to Pittsburgh and back from Cincinnati next year. Leaving Friday AM for Louisville, a total of 5 nights, 6 days total to Louisville, stay there a few days and back to Cincinnati. Hope it cools off.