Sunday, August 22, 2010


Aug. 21, 2010---Second day of the Regatta in Bridgewater, PA.

Keith is either hiding in the tree or seeking shade.

Next several pictures are some of the drag racing boats on hand for todays time trials.

Main races will take place tomorrow.

Incredible engines in these boats up to around 1300 hp.

Beautiful paint jobs so they really look like streaks as they run 120 to 130 mph.

They only carry enough fuel to make the 1/4 mile run.

Hope the water is calm so they will be able to make good runs. If there is hardly a ripple it reduces their speed because of the risk of losing control.

Maidens IV is a wonderful group that plays Gaelic music.

These ladies are four sisters from a family of nine.

A very talented group of young ladies.

Most of the tunes they play have been written by themselves.

The lady to the left of the sign on the platform is the girls mother. She taught them how to play and handles the sound system. What a family!

Coast Guard needed a place to tie up in the busy marina. Where better than to raft up against the Dream Manor.

Below is a video of the Maidens IV. It is compiled from several short clips. After two hours of uploading and only 53% complete, I went to bed. This morning it was fully loaded to You Tube.

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