Thursday, August 5, 2010


Aug. 4, 2010---Anchored just below the Meldahl Lock and Dam on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River was a good spot. Some morning entertainment as we watched somebody stuck in a side by side ATV.

Downstream where we had spent two nights landed on the sand, some of the equipment onshore was loaded onto a barge with a crane.

Apparently the ATV was being used by the crew that we had seen laying rock along the bank on the river near the dam. A dozer was sent to pull the ATV out of the wet sand.

A closer view of the work barge.

Weighed anchor and went back downriver to New Richmond, Ohio. Docked the boat and started to walk toward town. Capt. Joe Vogel gave us a ride to the cafe. Found out he is the owner of The Landing Restaurant.

Inside the restaurant is a display case with some wonderful carvings to see. The carvings were done by Capt. Joe's grandfather.

Cardboard Boat Museum--may be the only one of its kind. This year the cardboard boat races will be held August 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The annual event draws about 20,000 spectators.

Bob Lees explaining about the races.

A lot of creativity goes into the construction of these boats.

One of the projects near the museum is restoration of the home of Dr. Rogers.

Carol was excited about the road runners she found at Mr Grim's. She will add these to her growing collection at home.

Bob Lees owns the Front Street Cafe.

Part of the crew seen near the cafe. should not be hungry, we just ate.

Another view of New Richmond from the water.

Sign of relaxation cruising the river!

Back at the Manhatten Harbour marina in Dayton, KY. Just about to maneuver into slip #322 on C dock. Total travel today 30.5 miles in 3.4 engine hours.


Ronald said...

Well you made it back from ANOTHER adventure.

Sounds like you had FUN.

RoN Friend

Anonymous said...

I'm envious. You folks are SO
doing this trip the proper way.

But I am curious what will happen when that river diverges in the sylvan hills of Pittsburgh?

Miss Nauti

Anonymous said...

I hear we're gonna explore the side rivers & then head back down to Green Turtle Bay to winter DM "on the hard" this year. -Maryann-