Monday, August 2, 2010


Aug. 1, 2010---Steph (Keith & Maryann's daughter), Todd (Steph's close friend) and Max (Keith & Maryann's grandson) flew into Kentucky/Cincinnati airport last night to join us on the Dream Manor. Good thing captain Max is paying attention to the driving as Steph & Todd are looking elsewhere. Traveling up the Ohio River. Leaving Manhatten Harbour for a couple of days while they dredge out the slips.

Town of New Richmond at mile 450.

Dock centered around the Skipper's River Cafe.

Stopped for lunch.

Dream Manor can just barely be seen in the background to the right of this fun flag.

After lunch we took a walk on the frontage street of New Richmond.

This historic town was founded in 1814.

WW II memorial.

WW I memorial. This small town has certainly put out a good effort to honor the fallen who played such an important part in making America a free country.

A large gauge to monitor the level of the Ohio River during floods.

This old structure was built in 1898. Several business are located in the building now. Carol enjoyed finding a road runner at Mr. Grim's to add to her collection.

Citizens of New Richmond participated in the Undergound Railroad movement.

Steph enjoys maneuvering the Dream Manor up the Ohio.

Dream Manor waited near the cafe as we made the sight-seeing walk in New Richmond.

Traveled 30 miles today in a casual 4.7 hours. Made a soft landing on a nice sandy beach about one mile below the Meldahl Lock and Dam at mile 437. I called it a "soft landing" because that is the term boaters use when they land on the beach. The firm bump was a bit startling to some of the passengers!

Once the walkway was extended to the sand it did not take long for everyone to get in the water.

Writing in the sand!

Max got up his nerve and jumped from the aft platform, Looks good in the airborne start.

As the sunset we all reflected on a great day.

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