Thursday, August 26, 2010


Aug. 26, 2010---Moved to a dock near the boat launch where a fuel truck could get close enough to furnish the Dream Manor with 270 gallons of diesel. After departing from Jeffries Landing a train rumbled overhead as we reach the outlet of Beaver River and entered the Ohio River.

Traveled 25.5 miles in 3.9 hours. Went thru Dashields lock at mile 13.3 with a 10' lift and Emsworth lock at mile 6.2 with an 18' lift. Neither of these locks have floaters to tie off during the lift. Each boat furnishes a line or lines that are lifted to the top of the wall by a lock tender using a hook. The lock tender places the line over a secure point and then the person on the boat has to handle the line and keep it tight to hold the boat against the wall.

View of the second incline rail that carries people to and from the top of Mt. Washington.

Car nearing the bottom of the mountain.

Pittsburgh skyline. Bridge on the right crosses the Monongahela River. Bridge on the left crossing the Allegheny River. Land between the two rivers comes to a point at the head of the Ohio.
That is the "0" mile mark on the Ohio River. It is 981 water miles from here to the Mississippi River at Cairo, IL. Went .2 mile up the Monongahela River to Station Square where we tied up against the stationary barge that is part of the marina facility.

As the lights came on in Pittsburgh they cast many colors on the water.

We expect to stay here eight days exploring the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh.

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RoN Friend said...

HOORAY!!!!!! you made Pittsburgh. What a trip it has been. What a trip it has been for the people following your explorations. Well at least it has been a trip for me.

RoN. F.