Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Aug. 2, 2010---BB found a friend in Max.

BB was very excited about the opportunity to play in sand for the first time! ( Over two years without a potty break)

Steph and Max were also playing in the sand.

This view gives an idea of the length of this sandy beach on the Kentucky side of the river. It extends for about a mile just below the Meldahl Lock and Dam.

Good deed of the day! The crew combed the beach cleaning up trash. Two large bags were filled to capacity.

Todd and Steph took time out to enjoy the woods.

Took a ride in the "Little Dreamer". Mother ship looks good as the sunset created a glow.

Happy crew. Allen, Max, Maryann and Steph.

The dinghy ride was our chance to investigate a tunnel that we had spotted from the Dream Manor on our trip up the Ohio River. An eerie feeling dominated the group as we passed through the tunnel and under the bridge located on the Kentucky side. Due to the shallow depth and hazards in the water it was necessary to assign Max to be the oarsman as seen in the video below.

It was a creepy adventure. The rope in the tree caused one to wonder about banjo music. With barely enough room to turn around it was clear that a quick retreat was not possible. The high steep banks were of concern. A flash flood would be terrifying.
A sliver of light could be seen coming thru the tunnel as Keith watched the bank for critters.

Max is learning to handle the dinghy on the trip back to the mother ship.

Todd and Steph showing obvious signs of relief and pleasure that the venture was a success.

Just for info the tunnel is a railroad bridge and then a highway bridge located by the small town of Foster Kentucky.

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