Thursday, August 12, 2010


Aug. 11, 2010---Traveled from Manhatten Harbour to Augusta, Kentucky and tied up to the concrete wall where we had been last week. Walked about two blocks to the Bravo Cafe. Enjoyed some good sandwiches and salad. Notice the large ice cream cone display just down the street. See brother wave as he is lured to the ice cream parlor!

The Clooney house is on the riverfront where we had the boat tied. The home was closed so we did not have an opportunity to see the inside.

A sort distance downstream from the Augusta public landing is the Augusta Ferry. This ferry has been crossing the Ohio River continuous since 1797. Of course it has been modernized with a diesel towboat since it began as a hand propelled ferry by John Boude.

Back at the boat the flags on the bank were sticking straight out. The wind was blowing hard and the rain began to pour down. We had planned to go further upriver but decided this would be a fine place to spend the night! Made 40.2 miles today in 4.8 hours. This public dock is located at mile marker 427 which means those are the number of miles remaining to reach Pittsburgh located at mile zero.


Ronald said...

You make good time even going up river. Your journey continues.

Looking forward to your posts.

RoN Friend

Mike Bartley said...

It was great to run into the Dream Manor @ Augusta (even if it was HOT HOT HOT that day.) I hope you all are enjoying your adventures!

-Mike and Dara Bartley from the boat, "Shallow Bay" and "JB II"