Saturday, August 21, 2010


Aug. 20, 2010---Jeffries Landing as seen from street.

Same building as viewed from the water. The restaurant is very good and the bar entertains folks to about 1:00 a.m.

Dream Manor sits quietly as all of Beaver River is designated a no wake zone and boaters respect that very well.

A 15 minute walk down the river is the site of the annual Regatta held in Bridgewater, PA. Introduction of the color guard, National Anthem, and blessing of the fleet took place at 6:00 p.m.

Many t-shirts were visible symbolizing respect for our troops.

Vietnam Vets from the local chapter fired three shots, taps was played and the American flag was raised. The entire opening ceremony was nicely done.

An introduction of this year's committee took place to thank them for their hard work.There was a county commissioner present and a state representative. Both welcomed all citizens of the communities and gave of a big thanks to our troops-past, present and future for the freedoms we all enjoy.

A local band entertained the crowd with a good variety of music.

There were a number of tents set up along the street with venders selling various foods. Some games were available for the children.

Another view to show the steep bank where the crowd enjoys a good overview of the river.
Readers may have noticed no videos have been added for a while. Air card internet depending on cell towers has not been very good. Last video the other day took 1.5 hours to load into You Tube. Service here is better, so there may be an opportunity for some short productions.

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uploading video on an air card just doesn't work well. You have to wait until you have wi-fi access.

I'm anxious for you to make it to Pittsburgh but I'm not sure why,...haha.