Saturday, August 14, 2010


Aug. 14, 2010---No fog today. left Huntington, West Virgina in bright sunshine. Some wind today but still pleasant traveling. Reached the Robert C. Byrd Lock at mile 279.2 and found 5 tows on the downstream side waiting to lock up. This does not count those on the upper side waiting to lock down. Repairs are being made on the long (1200') chamber. This means all traffic is using the short (600') chamber. Longer tows have to be spit into two trips in the lock. Therefore each tow takes about 2 1/2 hrs. That means it would be after dark before our turn. Told the lock master we would anchor down river and try again tomorrow. Traveled back down river 5 miles and found a good area outside of the red buoys at mile 284.5 in about 9 feet of water. Traveled 38 miles today in 5.7 hours. However, forward progress was only 21.5 miles. Perhaps Sunday will be better!

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Ronald said...

Life ON the RIVER can be slow sometimes.

RoN Friend