Thursday, August 19, 2010


Aug. 18, 2010---Another big day. Traveled 70.2 miles in 9 hours.

Left Marietta at 8:30 a.m. under partly cloudy skys.

Had not seen this Marietta sign until passing by on the boat. Just 10.5 miles upriver from Marietta at mile 161.7 we went through the Willow Island lock with a 20' lift. No waiting time.

About a mile before reaching the Hannibal Lock which is located at mile 126.4 a new Gibson was spotted on the West Virgina shore. After we got out of the lock the owner of the Gibson called on the VHF radio to visit with us. In the picture Steve can be seen coming down the ramp to get a closer look at our boat.

Approaching the Hannibal lock.

Notice the date of 1973. This is one of the several locks that have been built in recent years to replace old worn out locks that were originally constructed around 1913. lift on this lock was 18'.

Gate closing behind us.

Carol caught the duty of holding the line.

One of the many power plants seen along the river.

An interesting photo because of the reflection of the hill in the water. This small town at mile 117 is Clarington, Ohio.

Power plants as far as you can see. There are more and more commercial operations as we get closer to Pittsburgh. Asphalt, coal, gypsum, chemicals, limestone, tanker rail cars, oil & gas pipelines are among the operations that have been seen.

Huge hillside being cut like stair steps.

Work on the hill is for highway 2 just south of Moundsville, WV. Lots of hills have been contoured on both sides of the Ohio River for rail lines and highways.

Arrived at the small city dock at Moundsville, West Virginia about 5:30 p.m. at mile 102. Walked four blocks uptown for dinner.

Dream Manor at the dock.

Bridge in front of the boat is highway 7.

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Ronald said...

I was beginning to wonder how long you were going to stay in Marietta. Had not had an update in several days.

You guys are my heros.

RoN F.