Monday, August 30, 2010


Aug. 29, 2010---Started the day with a wonderful buffet brunch in the Grand Concourse of this stately building at Station Square.

Interior is much too grand to show with a couple of photos.

The wooden staircase is hand carved and very unique.

After eating all that we could, the decision was made to ride the light rail (subway) to South Hills Mall located in a community of the same name located on the south side of Mt. Washington. The first part of the trip takes us through a tunnel about 1 mile long to pass under the mountain. Numerous stops are made at all the little towns along the way. The entire ride is about 5 miles one way. Spent several hours shopping. That mostly means looking. However the ladies did come away with new shoes and purses.

Returned to the boat for a brief pause. Keith and Maryann chose to stay in for the evening. Carol and Allen walked to the Amphitheatre on the west end of Station Square. There is a large stage and viewing area surrounded by a high, solid fence. Once inside the fenced area there are several venders selling beer and food.

Tonights concert featured the group Maroon 5 with last years American Idol winner Kris Allen. The opening act was VV Brown, a young woman from London. Having watched American Idol we wanted to see how Kris performs. He put on a great 45 minute show and we really enjoyed it. Wearing down we did not stay long after Maroon 5 began their part of the show without Kris.

There is no seating, standing only! This may be for younger people! Looking around we may well have been the oldest in the audience. Standing on pavement for long periods of time requires more stamina than we had.

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