Sunday, August 29, 2010


Aug. 28, 2010---Took the subway from Station Square across the Monongahela to downtown Pittsburgh.
Looked for a bus and after some study decided to just let our legs carry us. Walked about 12 long blocks from Wood station up Penn Street to the area commonly known as "The Strip".

The Strip is shoppers delight. Venders have their wares out on the street.

Brother picked up a fine snack at the Popcorn shop.

Eating was a priority for lots of folks as can be seen here on two levels.

Here a shopper is looking at a table covered with items to delight Steeler fans. Funny though because the lady in the pink shirt is a Saints fan.

Parking on the street did not look easy.

Saturday is big on the strip as that is when everything is trucked in fresh. Vegetables, fish, and various meats are readily available. But you can find everything from clothing, shoes, knick knacks, and hats to jewelry.

The light show at Station Square is fun to watch. Changing water patterns with various colored lights is quite spectacular.

Station Square lights seen from the observation deck of the elevator above the boat.

Water spray when there are only white lights shining.

Red lights.


RoN Friend said...

CONGRATULATIONS. Who says your too old to learn new tricks.

You did it.

RoN F.

Don said...

You embedded the video and it's wonderful!

Travel safe friends!