Monday, August 23, 2010


Aug. 22, 2010---Had a fine buffet breakfast at Kelly's Island near Jeffries Landing in Bridgewater, PA. The outside eating area is decorated like an island with sandy floor, well placed rocks, plenty of foilage and palm trees.

View of the Regatta from the bridge that crosses Beaver River from Bridgewater to Rochester.

The "anything that floats" competition was won by two boys on a raft. Second place was the four boys in a different design.

Another picture of Beaver River taken from the bridge. Dream Manor is too far away to see. It is located on the left side where the trees get thick just before the curve.

Local volunteer fire fighters competed to see which crew could slide the barrel (keg) attached to a cable to the opposing teams end of the cable. There was a pump truck up on the road providing water to the hoses. Lots of high pressure water spraying the contestants.

High performance racing boats lining up under the bridge.

After each run the boats gather at a designated point well past the end of the time line.

Example of one racer throwing a rooster tail.

Racer returning to the pit area.

Waiting to enter the pit area.

A hilarious contest was held late afternoon! Each of the contestants was given two unopened containers of chocolate milk. The object was to see who could drink the most in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes those who had not yet been sick had to hold the chocolate milk down for another 5 minutes. There were three survivors who drank about half of the second container. They had a difficult time lasting the additional five minutes. The one who had drank the most finally won.

The Eldorado Band played very good country/western & the audience sure enjoyed the music. Notice to the right of the bandstand is a Gibson boat. It is a 1992 Sport Series owned by local events supporter, Bob Shihra. He parks it there for dignitaries to have a resting place during the Regatta.

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Anonymous said...

point of interest when you travel back down the Beaver river, the Bridgewater/Rochester bridge is in the shape of a Beaver. The 3 sections form the head, body and tail. You'll see it now that you know it.