Sunday, August 15, 2010


Aug. 15, 2010---What a night! Wind blew, lightning show was awesome, thunder was loud and the rain poured down. The storm made anchor watch seem very important. About 2:00 a.m. it became very calm and the little bit of night left was quite peaceful.

Called the lock in hopes of getting in the rotation for a lift. There were six tows on the downriver side waiting a turn. Lock master called and said since we had waited all night he would ask the commercial tows to hold long enough for us to get through the lock. We had to wait just a short time while the tow already in the chamber was let out upriver and the chamber emptied for us to get in. After about a 23' lift the gates opened and we passed between two tows waiting to get down. there were four more behind them. We were very greatful for the patience of the tow captains. I am sure they will be glad when repairs are completed on the long chamber.

Spotted a nice city dock at mile 265. Decided to stop and look at the flood wall along the river in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This the first opportunity we had to set foot in West Virgina.
It was a high step to get off the boat onto the concrete dock.

Lots of history in the small towns along the river and Point Pleasant is no exception.

Point Pleasant Battle was fought here Oct. 10, 1774. General Anderson defeated the federated Indian tribes led by Chief Cornstalk. This is know as the "first battle of the Revolution".

Learned that Robert Dafford from Lafayette, Louisiana is the artist painting these walls. He is the artist who did the walls at Portsmouth, Ohio. His research of history and attention to detail is truly great!

Point Pleasant is also the home of the "Moth Man". This mystery has never been solved and it is said that some folks are sure they have gotten a glimpse of the character.

Passed under the railroad bridge leaving Point Pleasant. While looking at the paintings a gentleman taking his morning walk explained there used to be a highway bridge in addition to this railroad bridge. The highway bridge collapsed in 1966 dumping may cars into the cold water in December. Some 45 people lost their lives in this terrible incident.

Continued upriver to Pomeroy, Ohio city dock at mile 250. The retaining wall next to the concrete dock is very high. This historic town is about 2 miles long and 2 blocks wide.

Looking at the Dream Manor from the top of the wall.

Meigs County Courthouse can be entered from ground level at all three floors because of the steep hill.

View of old historical buildings along the street.

Walked to the Wild Horse Cafe for a late lunch.

Video of a couple of the power plants along the Ohio River about mile 259.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't miss Marietta, OH mm 172. There is a nice city marina just up the Muskingum River. (with an ice cream stand at the marina!) It's a beautiful town, on your return trip you'll want to check out Gallipolis, OH, another historic and well kept small town.

Miss Nauti