Friday, August 20, 2010


Aug. 19, 2010---Across the river on the Ohio side work began early in the fog.

Coal barges were being unloaded.

As the fog began to lift the coal coming off the conveyor was seen making a large pile.

Moundsville bridge connects Moundsville, West Virginia with Dillies Bottom, Ohio.

Tenth St. Wheeling Highway Bridge connects Union, WV with Wheeling Island, WV. This historic suspension bridge was completed in 1849 at mile 90.3.

Pike Island lock at mile 84.2 has a lift of 18'. A small tug pushing a single barge was allowed to lock through with us.

All along the river now are old rusted buildings and equipment. Probably old steel mills some of which do not appear to be operating.

According to the internet this company produces flat carbon steel, long carbon steel and stainless steel.

New Cumberland lock at mile 54.4 had a 21' lift. LSU spinner goes around when the wind is blowing or the boat is in motion.

Quaint old villages are frequently seen on both sides of the river.

Another common site all along the river are camper trailer parks. This one is particularly large.


Crew working on highway bridge that crosses between East Stubenville, WV and Steubenville, Ohio.

Worker waved as we passed under the bridge.

Crossed into Pennsylvania at mile 40.
Did not see any state border signs!

A short lift of 17' in the Montgomery lock at mile 31.7 went quickly. It was just 6 miles upriver from the lock where we went under the CSX Railroad Bridge with a train passing over the Ohio River..

Just past the CSX is another railroad bridge. Turned port to enter Beaver River at mile 25.5

The bridge appeared low and Keith was watching closely.

Folks at Club CQ marina greeted and waved us to go ahead assuring us there is plenty of room. Sure enough there was about 4' of clearance.

Passed by the Miss Nauti. Ken and Carol have been following our blog and waiting for us to arrive. We met these folks at Paris Landing Marina on the Tennessee River earlier in the spring.
Continued up the Beaver River about a mile to Jeffries Landing. Jeff met us at the dock and helped us tie up near the restaurant on the land side of his marina. We plan to stay here about a week.
It was another busy travel day as we made 76.5 miles in 8.4 hours including the 3 locks. We are now located in Bridgewater, PA.

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